Friendship: Being True Blue!

Do you have many friends? This word is used so often that it has lost any real significance in conversation. It has become a conditioned behavior and is usually associated with expectations; both on a personal and collective level. Friendship is defined by Wikipedia as “A relationship of mutual affection between two people.”


This affection extends outward and can included relationships between more than two people. It is a bond that is established through thoughts, emotions and the ego; to name a few. We can also say that friendship is established through ideas, desires and needs that are mutually conceived and accepted. This binding behavior can occur in countless organized groups; naturally including spiritually conscious groups.

I am attempting the impossible by writing this article. I wish to determine a common denominator for the misunderstandings that often occur in friendship and love. We are quick to express feelings of friendship or love to anyone or anything that is in sync with a given thought or emotion. However human beings will also readily turn their backs on an individual or group that does not adhere to a common thought or belief.

Is this true friendship? No, it is a conditioned behavior pattern that the mind offers you and labels it “friendship”.

We could make this discussion very easy and say that this type of behavior is “normal” for our species. But that would be an evasion of this phenomenon and would not help us to expand our human consciousness. That is what we are hoping to experience, isn’t it? People and perhaps all self-conscious living objects experience and respond to the urgency of enlightenment at different levels.

Friendship and Beyond

Enlightenment is not a magical word that transforms everything from dark to light. Enlightenment, friendship or any word is nothing more than an attempt to define something that we experience. There is a dimension of nothingness that is beyond words, definitions and even beyond the mind. However the mind and self-consciousness can offer a portal to this space of unlimited awareness.

The term, unlimited awareness, is a general reference to the state of pure conscious being without the burdens of the mind. This would be the “isness” of now. Isness is the quality of being and existence as something. What is this “something” that is happening “now”? You are the now. You are happening to the universe, the universe is not happening to you.

The point of this discussion would be that any word, situation or experience becomes very vivid and truthful when a person has established his or her existence within the field of enlightened unlimited awareness to the now.


Best wishes

P.S. The video clip from Eckhart Tolle shares signposts that are helpful in reconnecting with universal consciousness.


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