How to deal with frustration? Frustration and anxiety seem to be a major part of our daily experiences. Have you every heard others say how frustrating everything has become. Perhaps you have caught yourself getting upset over an experience…

I received a short email today. The person that wrote asked if I had a suggestion on how to combat frustration and anger. My first thought was the obvious “don’t get frustrated”. Of course this is easier said then done. This person had experienced a situation that caused frustration. This person had also planned on going on vacation. The cause of the frustration dealt with tangible objects, one of which was money. The situation that had invoked the outbreak of frustration would perhaps also put a hamper on this person’s vacation plans.

What does a person do? The first step is “acceptance”. What is in this moment is what it is; accept this fact and you will instantly feel better. The next step would be to take this acceptance of the situation to the next level. This means seeing the situations from a higher state of consciousness. A situation is often clouded by our human species tendencies; emotions, ego etc. It may sound crazy but just shut these off. Then look at the situation with a clear state of awareness. In this particular situation it could actually be possible that the human consciousness has not accepted the vacation plans made by this person. This person may have been sending this signal which was not properly understood by the universal intelligence. The human consciousness is only a phantom illusion of the universal intelligence.

Beyond Frustration

The human consciousness appears to be sending vibrations out into the universe, from our level of form awareness this may seem true. We are however actually co-pilots for the universal consciousness. I could shorten my explanation. It is very likely that the vacation plans that this person has made are not meant to be. Or the person may have send a misconstrued human conscious vibration out into the universe. It is always important to be careful about what you wish for in life. What you desire or wish for will very likely come true if it belongs to you. This could however mean that you will become what you desired, but in a manner that you had not expected.

I have included a short video from Ralph Smart relating to our discussion topic. The video may offer a sign post (consciously speaking) for the person that wrote me and you also. I love Eckhart Tolle’s use of the term “sign posts”. These sign post are many times helpful but will never give us what we already have. The sign posts simply help us to find our way to the truth.

Best wishes.

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