Fulfillment, a word that stimulates encouraging visions. Fulfillment takes on many forms; depending on the individual. Fulfillment is often associated with something that a person has “achieved” through luck or hard work. It would seem that practically everyone is unfulfilled otherwise we would not all be searching for “fulfillment”. We have a mental state of existence that demands fulfillment. We are convinced that we must find or achieve fulfillment; whether we have luck or work hard to achieve it.

Could it be that the mind is once again playing tricks on our conscious state of awareness? Before I continue it is obvious that striving for achievement or fulfillment in areas of our human existence has a practical usage. But we should perhaps be very careful. The mind is very clever. It convinces us to seek our and partake in achieving content based goals that definitely do not offer fulfillment. We are lost once our conscious awareness is shadowed over by mind patterns of treachery. The human consciousness via life consciousness is not a vicious entity seeking domination over our form.

That is way the mind; with its arsenal of tricks, can often manipulate and restrict the portal to consciousness that is always there. The conditioned mind attaches itself to thoughts. These turn into redundant patterns. The unchecked mind will use new and stored thoughts and emotions to obscure our true self. All forms; both living or non-living are part of the true self. Let us use the word “life energy” instead of self. The mind relates to “life energy” better than “self” concerning such discussion topics. It is very difficult for our mind to accept that we are already fulfilled. It may be proper to say that you will never find what you don’t already have in this moment. I am not trying to trick you. We are fulfilled on the existential level. “We are.” Normally this “being” is everything. It is fulfillment in it’s true essence.

The human form with its creative mind, ego, emotions and conditioning basically does not want actually fulfillment. However it only fools the true self into “believing” that it also seeks fulfillment.

The mind is very fearful. It does not wish to give awareness / consciousness the upper hand. Feeling and knowing that our person and all others are essentially fulfilled would conduce harmony and a true awareness of unity. It is a real head game. We already have / are true fulfillment. We are also a human form that has imposed the need / demand for fulfillment into our existence.

Distinguishing between our true self fulfillment and the artificial thought or belief about form content fulfillment may boost our level of life awareness greatly.

Best wishes

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