Future or Past; TGIF and You

It is Friday and many people are planning to do something “different” on the weekend. It is a time to do odd jobs around the house, relax with family members or take a trip somewhere. There is always a demand to reach a certain time or place in the immediate or distant future.


However the future can only happen in the now. It is normal, from a practical standpoint, to plan and be motivated by an expectation. However it is consciously beneficial to remain in the present moment. The now contains the future and the past, simply because when you are referring to anything, it is always now.

The mind does not want to hear this and automatically bombards a person with thoughts and emotions that have no relevance on the present moment. It is fascinating and equally bewildering to see how the mind can cause a person to be everywhere but now; mentally speaking.

The practice of consciously stepping beyond the mind can be very tedious depending on a person’s state of awareness. Acknowledgement of the now doesn’t really have anything to do with the experience of the moment. The deciding factor in achieving conscious space or not, derives from “how” you see yourself in any situation. You are the center and the core of everything; you are that amazing.

Future, Past or Now?

The mind offers you a mental or emotional tidbit and you are conditioned to accept it as being real. Moreover the mind is very convincing and you will actually be mentally and even bodily projected into this make-believe future or past experience. This results from an insignificant thought or emotion that has been recorded by the mind. The brain offers you this prerecorded “moment” and insists that it is “now”; thereby it has nothing to do with the present experience of now.

Okay, what do I wish to share with you? I wish each of you a wonderful and fulfilling weekend but not at the cost of overlooking this moment; we only have the now. Embrace it and consider it to be everything, no matter what it might offer…it is now.


Best wishes and happiness


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