George Lucas: The True Magic behind Stars Wars

George Lucas

Dear Mr. Lucas,

Thank you for the beauty and magic to be experienced in Star Wars. You are Star Wars. The first movie from Walt Disney “The Force Awakens” was a; for lack of a better word, disappointment. There is wisdom, life philosophy, and real truth within the story of Star Wars. This is a magic that you created. It is within you. You are the inspiration.

I experienced this magic throughout the years since I was a young man. I shared the Star Wars experience with my son. He recognized the magic and truth in Star Wars. He grew up with this magic. The beauty of your Star Wars story is that it reminds us that the mysterious magic of life is in everything. Years have passed. My son is now a young man. He went to the first Star Wars episode from Walt Disney “The Force Awakens”. I recall what he told me after seeing the movie. He said “I was so disappointed. I got up in the middle of the movie; intending on leaving. The movie is a disaster. The magic of Star Wars is gone. It is dead”.

George Lucas

My son and I both agree that you are the foundation of Star Wars. It is your vision and it is a cinema experience that can be viewed again and again. It is a story of life wisdom and truth that is eternal. You have a supreme knowledge of the movie business. More importantly, you know what Star Wars truly represents. It is in your heart and soul.

I was thrilled to learn that you have planned Star Wars pre-sequels. I know that the movie business is very ruthless. It is often only about making money. Still, you gave the world something that will remain forever. This is not about money. You reminded everyone about a possible truth concerning life and human existence. You gave us a portal to the dimension of life energy. Is there any possible way that you could reacquire the Rights to Star Wars? Would it be possible for you to contribute to the production and directing segments of the up-coming Walt Disney Star Wars sequels?

Walt Disney does not have the understanding, knowledge or the magic of Star Wars to offer a plausible continuation of the Star Wars story.

The continuing Star Wars story desperately needs a touch of magic that only you can provide. Walt Disney Productions, J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson are masters of the cinema; still it is not truly possible for them to continue what you started.

I have viewed the first two trailers for the Star Wars pre-sequel Rogue One. I instantly felt the magic once again. The actor’s dialogue, the one-liners, the camera perspective, the story and the magic of your dream is there within the film. The trailers were fantastic.

I and millions of others wish to thank you for your sacrifices, dedication and the inspiration that you have giving through the years. I am truly looking forward to experiencing your magic in the up-coming pre-sequels.


Best wishes to you and your family


P.S. Here is the link to an article that I wrote last year after speaking with my son about The Force Awakens

This is a letter that I have written for Mr. George Lucas. I feel that many people have been influenced by the magic of George Lucas and Star Wars. Therefore I would like to share this letter with you.

  • Pictures and Trailer copyright of George Lucas and Walt Disney

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