Ghosts of the Mind

There are real ghosts that Possess our mind. A mind that is clouded by thoughts and emotions will concede quickly to the influences of other minds that are overwhelmed by conditioning factors of our existence. These ghosts are nothing more than imaginary imprints caused by lack of awareness. The mind; even a mind that has awakened, is still vulnerable to the trickery of mind ghosts.


A person is likely to be plagued by the behavior of another person without even realizing that this is happening. Every person is conditioned to summon the ghosts that are located in the unconscious mind. This can happen in any given situation. These phantoms of the mind seem to always be lurking in the shadows of an unaware persons mind.

The definition of a ghost takes a slight twist when described in German. “Geist” is a German word that has a variety of definitions. The word can be directed translated as “ghost”. It has the same meaning as the word in English when used in this content. There is also a second meaning for this German word that is more applicable for our discussion. “Geist” can also mean “spirit”. This variation of the German word is spiritual in content. There is also a third variation of this word that is worth considering. The word “Geist” is also referred to as “mind” in English.

Ghosts be Gone

Therefore let us consider the impact of ghosts (originating from yourself, situation or other people) in our existence activities. There may still be confusion as to the true nature of this discussion. I use the word “ghosts” to describe the often overwhelming activities of the mind, whether these are thoughts, emotions or ego. It can be spiritually beneficial to realize that these activities of the mind want to overshadow each moment of a our existence. The word “want” is perhaps incorrect. Thoughts, emotions and ego simply function according to the evolutionary patterns of our species; both mind and body.

Every person has these elements (ghosts) in the genetic code of our species. These conditioning factors are present in our assumptions, judgments and beliefs. They are the very backbone of these unconscious mannerisms. Every person is responsible for exposing the true nature of each ghost. This allows a recognition of the false authenticity of each mind ghost. These so-called mind ghosts are only as real we choice them to be. These phantoms will cease to be threatening as we allow accept them and dismiss them.

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