Grey Realm: Where Do You Live?

An active state of consciousness is available in this everlasting moment. However, let’s be honest with ourselves. We basically live in a realm of grey. What do I wish to express to you in this statement? Please stop doing anything and become aware of everything that is not “now” and yet is the very backbone of now. What does this mean? This suggests that everything has nothing to do with the essence of now.

A state of conscious being has nothing to do with the content of this moment. This may sound confusing; nevertheless, you know this grey realm. It is a place that is seldom fulfilling to you spiritually or consciously. It often holds us captive in a limbo state of existence. How can we express this featureless area in relation to consciousness?

Firstly, it is caused by the conditioned mind and a lack of awareness to its activities. You may insist that you are very aware of the mind because it is always interjecting thoughts into the spaciousness of living. The grey realm is an existential structure that has been established due to a lack of consciousness. Furthermore we have become very adapted to this pattern of existence.

Living in Shades of Grey or in Colors of the Rainbow: You Decide

Our state of being is usually somewhere between conditioned unconsciousness and random brief acknowledgment of a deeper consciousness. We stay stuck in the middle because the mind overwhelms us with thoughts and emotions. This grey area is a type of comfort zone for most people.

However, this does not suggest that living within this grey realm is comfortable. This type of existence, for a life-form with a deeper consciousness, is anything but enjoyable. Nevertheless the mind interjects thought energy frequencies into our present state of being. This causes us to spontaneously think that we are happy, consciously enriched and living in a state of awareness.

However “thinking” is not the same as consciously being present. We, for this reason, remain in this grey area of living. Furthermore we choose to remain in this unsatisfying realm. This is because the balance, freedom and peacefulness of active consciousness are portrayed by the mind as an almost unreachable magnificence.

We usually belief what the mind offers us. Therefore we experience day to day activities from within a clouded grey realm of confusion and fear with short outbursts of supposed happiness.

Best wishes

P.S. I have included a popular song from Stealers Wheel “Stuck in the Middle with You”. The song lyrics express a humorous look at being stuck together in a world of mind content.



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