Guardian Angel: It is your Decision

We are here to show each other the way home. This is the simplest manner by which we can attempt to valid our existence. You are the guardian angel that is here to protect your own person, other people and all objects in the universe. We are all each others guardian angel. This is the fundamental significance to why you exist. You are that important.


Early human beings were able to tap into the universal intelligence just as easily as you or I can do now. This suggests that humankind has always known of this mysterious something and for whatever reason it was given the name, guardian angel.

The understanding of a guardian angel has always been known throughout humanity. This has often been represented and somewhat exploited in religions. Here also the corruption of duality has asserted its dominance over a nature universal phenomenon. This would be the simple flowing oneness of life, of love and of conscious energy, all three not actually individual but one.

A guardian angel is considered to be a spirit that protects and guides a person (Wikipedia). The key word is “a” spirit and not many spirits. Every object has the potential to express the virtues of a guardian angel by protecting and guiding other life-forms, universally. This seems likely because each and every object has only one spirit.

There is one guardian angel; it is you

The reference to a guardian angel is probably another attempt by human beings to explain the unexplainable. This is in reference to the unmanifested dimension of energy that comprises everything. Therefore the confusion and perhaps misuse of this energy is probably caused by our need to interpret and define it. I also do not wish to suggest that I know what this conscious life energy is or how we should use it. I am simply sharing ideas and insight.

It is really up to each of us to release the minds hold on these definitions and interpretation, whereby we should eventually experience spiritual fulfillment. This is a completion, a realization; nothing more and nothing less. It is achieved through absorbed universal awareness of our role as the one guardian angel to protect and guide each other.

Consequently we are perpetually protecting and guiding the universe and even the flow of life itself. Furthermore the person next to you, a tree or even a fly is not something outside of you, it is you. We will experience the bliss of unity when we are able to consciously look beyond the abstracts of our existence.

Best wishes

P.S. The included link is from Psychology Today and considers life and a self care protocol.


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