Happy to Be Happy!

We are living in a society that expects problems. The intervals of happiness are mostly overshadowed by the impending fear of something going wrong. We actually “believe” that problems, frustrations, and miseries are the normal state of being human. We have been ego-manipulated into viewing happiness as something that we can only have when there is a reason to be happy. Why must we have a reason to be happy? Isn’t it enough just to be happy?


What I wish to convey is that the world of humankind has been seduced into a mental and physical pattern of first needing to receive something before we “believe” that we are happy. Would it be, or is it so difficult to just be happy? Is it impossible to be happy without having a reason? If we need a reason to be happy, then the happiness will surely be very short-lived. The reason to be happy is actually just an illusion.

You may argue that it is impossible to always be happy. I would tend to agree with you when we are speaking only from the human realm of existence. However I am speaking about having a conscious connection with the oneness of life. This type of happiness is not superficial. It is core happiness. This happiness is channeled through our connection with the source of life. We could also use the word “tranquility” to express this form of happiness. This does not mean that we are always smiling and laughing. This happiness stems from a deep harmony with our essence.

Feeling this may then allow us to more easily assess and accept the experiences of our human existence. We could then find a balance in our human-oriented activities. This would permit us to see many human experiences as not really being serious, which would automatically induce a sense of serenity and happiness. This state of serenity may be called freedom. We would automatically feel more space in our human situations and encounters.

Many people have become so lost that they spend their entire human existence just spinning in circles; waiting and wanting to live but never experiencing it. Many people feel so pressured by the need to find a path. This is mostly due to mind conditioning. This can cause a person to shift constantly from sheer happiness to shattering depression. This sought after human path, on the level of human existence, is mostly an illusion. It is entirely human-made. It has a practical usefulness but nothing more.


The human-oriented journey consists of countless variations. This human-produced journey can also consist of many constantly changing paths. The world that the human species has made is abounding with ego-produced temptations. We see that only a very small number of people have “made it” or “found their way in life” when viewing the world from our human perspective. We at least “believe” that these individuals have found their path in this human experience. Believing that a given person has become successful is generally based on our conditioned human interpretation. This is based on conditional thinking and the ego’s lies. It is sad to know that most people who have “made it” haven’t really accomplished anything of real truth. It is just the illusion that the ego makes us want to “believe”.

Happy to be Alive

It is spiritually beneficial to define “making it” in this world. How can there be any real truth to this statement? A person who appears to be on his or her path today can easily lose everything tomorrow. The “everything” that we are speaking about would be the human-made concepts and materialistic objects of the human world.  These can change from moment to moment. I certainly do not wish to say that this human path does not have any relevance. This human path or journey, strictly on the level of human existence, does have a function and significance. The bottom line, however, is that there is no real meaning to a strictly human oriented path.

The human evolution, together with the development of the mind, has caused us to place great importance on having a purpose. This path or purpose in is insubstantial. It is an illusion that we have accepted as real. There is perhaps only one reality to this human-path conception. This would be that we are now human beings in form; therefore it is normal that we will strive to accomplish things that are part of this human experience. This sentence is based only on what we “believe” as human beings. The deciding factor in consciously awakening is how aware we are of this human existence when observed from beyond the mind.


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