Having a lousy Day? It is your Decision

How is your day going? Are you “having a lousy day” or a good day? Have you given any actual awareness to this phenomenon? What is the determining factor in how you experience what happens…a drum roll please. You are the one and truly only determining factor in how you experience any given moment. This is a follow up to the recent Post entitled “The Power of Decision is my Own”.


We often scurry through our daily activities in a state of “limbo” awareness and exist in the realm of life often as a co-pilot. We permit situations and people to influence our decision making and actions / reactions. This is done often because we “believe” there is nothing that can be done to stop it. This is how we have been conditioned. A definition of limbo can be used to expand our discussion.

Limbo: “An uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition.”

Does this sound familiar? This is often our typical state of “being”. Why is it so typical? This is basically because we simply are not aware enough to establish a change in our behavioral responses. It should be quite easy to initiate, but the shadow of our human characteristics darken out the portal to life that is there for us to rediscover. An existence in virtual limbo leaves us vulnerable to the instruments of our own species making. A situation transpires. Any given moment of interaction with oneself, other people or thing can trigger emotions, ego and or a mixture of other conditioned responses. This can be avoided by simply knowing where you are in that one given moment.

Conscious Decision

The reactions that we experience are pre-programmed into our behavior. It must not continue this way. It can be stopped simply by knowing that the power of decision is ours in any given moment. The weather does not decide how you feel today; you do. Your boss does not determine if you are a good person or not; you do. No person and definitely not a situation has the power to influence / manipulate you; unless you allow it.

This acknowledgement allows instant access into the dimension of life. It is a relearning process. Knowing that things and people do not actually have any significant influence or even control over us empowers the simplicity of life into our existence.

The next time you say: “I am having a lousy day” ask yourself why. The only reason it is “lousy” is because you have decided that it is lousy. There will be ups and downs. Furthermore this is natural part of our human existence experiences. Even these ups and downs have been determined / decided only by each or all of us. “Life” never has a lousy day.

Best wishes


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