Head Games

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Head Games, it is a popular song. It is a used quite often as a form of slang. Head games are however more real than we may acknowledge. Real in the sense that the mind (personal and collective) is playing head games with us every day. It has an arsenal of trickery to use against the human consciousness; thus universal consciousness.

The mind has several items in its bag of tricks. Ego, emotions and even the human intelligence (mind generated) can be used by the mind to misconstrue conscious awareness of our existence, the universe and life. Let us continue the discussion by expanding on the last few articles about fear. Fear is one of the most potent emotions that the mind can use to manipulate. Fear can completely close the portal to the dimension of consciousness. How is this possible? We are engulfed in this field of consciousness. How is it possible for fear or anything else that is form generated to isolate our “self” from this energy field? A “portal” or anything similar is in itself nothing more than an illusion of the mind.

This and other content illusions that have originated in the mind are very real for most human beings. Fear typically originates through evolutionary development of a life form. Species-Specific Defense Reactions (S.S.D.Rs.) are necessary for a species survival. The head games played by the mind are a result of stimuli that invokes chemical releases and body reactions in any given situation. Any given stimulus is processed according to patterns of development (bodily, intellectually, or spiritually). This is the plight of our conditioned state of existence.

The development of body, intellect and human consciousness is imminent. How this development continues is no longer simply a question of strictly evolution. It is possible through human intelligence and consciousness to push the “reset” button.

This is also how we can initiate change. This does not mean that radical steps are required such as pushing the reset button on computer or any device. It may be as easy “being aware”. This is a word that is used quite often in speaking about spiritual / human consciousness. The reason may be that it is the one word that best describes the one most useful signpost for a shift in our daily experiences. We are entering a period of human development that suggests a shift in our existence perspectives will allow a change to be initiated. This shift is also imminent. The question to ask yourself is what you are feeling in this moment. When you become aware of “the moment” it will eventually become the eternal moment. This simplifies the practice of awareness and corresponding change; we only every need to be aware of one single moment. The video link is full of insight into consciousness and the shift that is occurring.

Best wishes to all

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