Heart Flow: It Knows

Heart flow is a term we can use to express the unexplainable mystery of conscious energy. I experienced this first-hand today as I prepared a meal. I was listening to a song from John Denver “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”. There were noodles and vegetables cooking on the stove. The ventilation fan over the stove was on and it was so loud that I could not hear the music very well.

It was not possible for me to hear the song as I stirred the noodles. Then I experienced a few seconds of frustration as the mind screamed out its demand to hear the music playing. There had been tranquility a moment before as everything had been in the heart flow. It almost felt as if someone was shaking my body as the mind demanded, “What’s happening?” “Why can’t I hear the music?” “I want to hear it, oh this is terrible.”

Spontaneously I could literally feel an intense shift from mind to consciousness as if the rhythm of life was vibrating throughout my being. I sensed that I was simultaneously pulsating with the energy frequency of presence and this included hearing the song playing even through I could not “physically” hear it. The heart flow of universal consciousness was attuned to the song and everything else in the moment.

The Portal to Heart Flow

It was possible for me to tune into the sound of the ventilator fan, the melody of john Denver, a bird singing and a plane flying overhead. I was enjoying each individual experience all within the collective experience of now, or we could say oneness. The mind was suddenly quiet and there in the middle of so much content noise clutter I experienced serenity. I became the song, the bird and the boiling water in that instant. The mind was no longer needed although it was still possible to sense that a part of this moment was also the body with all of its characteristics.

This also happens to you in various daily experiences again and again. You may sense this at a given level of awareness and perhaps not. The portal to this heart flow is always there and can be entered in any given moment of eternity. Entering this portal allows surrender, release of mind and harmony between mind, object consciousness and universal consciousness. Furthermore everything will continue to unfold as it always does and you will dwell in the sanctity of the experience in whatever form that may be in any given moment.

This does not suggest that all human experiences suddenly offer you a peaceful paradise. Rather it suggests that no matter what happens you will actually be aware of what “is” in the moment. It is then simply a matter of allowing or not allowing that determines if you will enter the portal to the universal heart flow or not.

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