Heart Flow: Life Eternity

Heart flow is a way to express the union of human consciousness with universal consciousness. This union is about allowing and acceptance. What is your true age? Every person will answer according to what has been written on his or her birth certificate. However, how old are you consciously? Here again, a persons first reaction may be to base this on a time frame of life-form birth and death. You are walking outside now as a grown person. There is the fragrance of flowers in the air. Suddenly you are not a mature person who is walking. You sense the child in you that had the first experience of smelling flowers. You feel like a child in that moment.

What does your heart flow tell you in that moment? Through the heart, (synonymous for human consciousness) you experience exactly what was witnessed at any given moment during your existence. There are other factors that play a role in how you experience a situation; such as memory and the other processes occurring in the brain. This is why going beyond the mind, in a manner of speaking, allows active awareness to our heart flow.

This state of awakened awareness without too many distractions of the brain, allows us to experience a feeling that we often consider as being one with everything. Many people express this as “listening to your heart”.

Every person as experienced the true unity that is there beyond the mind. Its intensity and length will be different with each person but it has been felt by everyone. I was fascinated by a conversation a few days ago. The person that I chatted with expressed how it felt to become consciously awakened. She stated it in this manner “I have learned to listen and to trust my heart”. This is an idiom that is well known throughout the world. We hear this in songs and conversations. But what does “listen to your heart” really mean?

Heart Energy: Let it Flow

Spiritually we may say that (listen to your heart) is in reference to going to a conscious dimension that is even beyond what we would term “going beyond the mind”; and yet it is not about going beyond the mind. Listening to your heart is allowing. It is not a true feeling, in that sense. It is a simple acceptance of the universal creativeness that is flowing through everything. This is the indescribable sensation that a person has in an instant of unification with the universal consciousness. It is something that is beyond mind and body but at the same time can be observed by the mind and body through awakened consciousness.

The key is in balancing the mind, body and human consciousness with universal life consciousness. The heart flow (human conscious state) is constant in reference to our existence. Species consciousness and life energy consciousness are synonymous. Therefore the tendency to trust and follow the heart flow will deepen our awareness to the flowing creative life energy that is manifesting in everything. United creative flowing energy will be the eventual outcome; change how you look at the mind and you change the universe.


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