Hedgehog in my Head

There is a hedgehog in my head. This sentence may seem strange but please let me explain. I was sleeping last year on an autumn night when I heard a noise around the base of my bedroom window.

The noise was a faint scratching and I was confused by its repetition. I focused on the area of the wall from where the sound seemed to originate. Then I checked the window screen to make sure that there where no bats flying against it. My next thought was that a mouse or rat was crawling around within the wall. However this was unlikely.

I then recalled that a hedgehog is known for crawling around attics and sometimes seeks a nesting place within a closed area. The scratching continued and I was not able to sleep. Therefore I made my own comfortable nest on the couch that night.

The following night was a repeat of the previous. The clawing started and I was unable to fall asleep. I could actually sense that the hedgehog was busy building a nest or something similar within the wall. The scratching would start and stop randomly and it seems to begin parallel to when I was falling asleep. The hedgehog disappeared after the third night and I experienced a peaceful sleep.

The Hedgehog in my Head

I should mention at this point that I really enjoy listening to the rain falling at night. It is very soothing. Last week I was awakened by a noise that seemed to come from the bedroom wall next to the window. I could literally feel the mind overshadowing the moment with one thought; the hedgehog has returned!

I laid awake listening to the noise and the mind insisted that a hedgehog was the cause of this disturbance. This was frustrating and I took a deep breath to relax. This is when I become consciously aware of what was really happening. It was raining and the wind was causing the raindrops to hit the window on occasion.

I started to laugh because I realized that this was an example of the mind and its conditioned reactions and behavior. Furthermore it was clear that due to the mind I had reacted unconsciously to something that had always given me pleasure. This conditioned behavior had allowed the thoughts of a hedgehog to become the master of my state of unconsciousness. It was all in my head.

There are spiritual lessons to be learned in our daily activities. Eckhart Tolle said this well in his quote “Become conscious of being conscious.”

Best wishes

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