Holding on too Tightly

Holding on too tightly sounds like an alternative song title for “Hold on Loosely” by “38 Special”. The focus point of this discussion is actually about a rhythm. However it is the pulse of life and not a rock song that we are referring to. Human beings have developed tendencies that encourage accruing and possessing everything imaginable. Consequently we always want more. There seems to be a driving force that literally consumes us. Many of these repetitive tendencies and reactions result from lack of awareness.

It is helpful for each of us to be aware and to feel good about letting go. The awareness to and the releasing of our excess human content baggage allows healing to begin. The process of reawakening to life consciousness provides us with an opportunity to achieve long term healing of mind and body. We reenter a field of serenity that can transcend all human content form structures when we can see our existence from a perspective within the life dimension. Humankind has been projecting confusing; many times sickly vibrations out into the vibrating dimension of life. The abilities given to us through a higher species consciousness are unlimited. We heal our mind more and more through awareness, acceptance and the release of content symbols and structures.

Holding too Tightly

Holding on too tightly is however a conditioned behavior pattern for human beings. We assume that the answers can be found by grasping tightly to words, definitions and assumptions. We repeatedly anchor ourselves to an idea or belief that has been established by a mind projected image of how we want something to be. This could be in areas of science, religion or really anything in our existence. These projected mind images are tightly interwoven with characteristics developed through our evolution.

The mind images are a direct result of our advanced creative intelligence, heightened emotions and responsive conditioned behavior. An unaware person will not be able to feel the dimension of life nor will he or she comprehend the greatness of it. Hence we will experience a beauty in our existence that feels very strange in the beginning. A shift in existence perspectives is necessary to ensure a reconnection with the oneness of life.

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