Homeward Bound: Enjoy Now

We innately know that we are engulfed in the moment but the mind distracts our state of awareness. Nevertheless, how would it be if we went one step further and say that we “are” the moment itself? How would this change our awareness of it? Let’s use an example to illustrate what this means. You are first “in” water when you take a bath or go swimming. However when you allow the self to consciously sense the water vibrations…you become united with the water from a state of presence. This acknowledgement is a beneficial step during your homeward journey.

You will reacting less and less to the mind’s behavior and simply flow with the energy of life. More significant, however, is that you are aware of this shift and how it is benefiting you. There will be phases when the mind may attempt to dominate a moment and from time to time it may succeed. Nevertheless, this supposed journey home will allow you to become very familiar with this dimension when it is consciously experienced. It is beyond the mind. You will remember that it is your true home as you realize the potential within this unmanifested realm.

Homeward to the Now

However, this transformation is not necessarily a homeward bound experience. You will recognize this as your level of awareness to presence deepens. It is very beneficial to focus on what this state of presence offers you. It is the doorway to balance and peace even in situations that have always been labeled as wrong or bad.

You, I and the universe have, so to say, always been home. You will sense this as your focus remains anchored in space consciousness and presence. Therefore the mind will acknowledge that there has never been a homeward journey and it will accept that you have always been home. The content of any given situation will only have the power to divert you from being consciously aware if you choose to let it.

This may not seem very helpful but I can assure you that everything changes when you feel thoughts coming and going without any significant distraction to your interaction with the essence of now. This allows the homeward voyage to become a present moment experience of universal proportion.

Best wishes



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