Hot-wired: A Conditioned Mind

Are you familiar with the term hot-wire? This is basically what happens to the mind regarding consciousness and how life energy manifests in objects. The now of this moment is being hot-wired by the mind. Active awareness is the catalyst between object consciousness and universal consciousness.


Hot-wired is described as: to start the engine of (a motor vehicle) by short-circuiting the ignition ( Awareness is the starter motor for living consciously but the mind usually short-circuits object consciousness by diverting this energy to thoughts, emotions and the ego. You become distracted by mind activities and often don’t realize that the thoughts in your head are not you. Furthermore these thoughts usually don’t have anything to do with the present moment.

However the mind has cleverly hot-wired your state of conscious living by bypassing it completely. It uses its own energy to send signals that can confuse and distort any impulse you feel to become conscious of presence. It is literally possible to become engulfed in a mind created illusion that has a tendency to repeat itself over and over.

Hot-wired or Consciously Awakened?

The mind causes and reinforces this repetitive pattern. Your awareness to living consciously will be hot-wired until you can observe your thoughts, feelings and the ego as nothing but details of our existence. There are practical purposes for the energy activities of the mind but these should not be confused with conscious energy.

Please reflect on this last sentence above. Everything is energy and this realization can be very beneficial to awakening consciously. This flow is constant. However how you observe it can determine whether you experience enlightenment or remain mind possessed and mentally hot-wired.

I feel that it would be proper to suggest that there is no positive life conscious energy or negative. Rather there is energy and you have the ability to influence it. You can co-create with this energy in the same fashion. What and how everything will manifest is dependent on whether you are responding to life or reacting to the mind.

Moreover whether you experience harmony and enlightenment in each moment or not depends on your state of presence to the now. Do you live to live or do you live to exist? There is a difference.

Best wishes


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