How do you define yourself?

How do you define yourself? This question is quite diverse, extremely complex and or simplistically beautiful. You; as with everything else, are responsible for the content structure that will validate how you will define yourself. The actuality of what “you” represent is not even truly determined by you. The structure that you use to define yourself is merely an image that has been created by others and yourself. It can never completely be your true essence.


How can we live in a content structure world of human beings without being overwhelmed by definition structures? Firstly we should realize people are only defining themselves when they place labels on you. This has nothing to do with you. It does however have everything to do with the other person. This other person; this includes everyone, is placing definitions on you according to his or her conditioned emotions and responses. Again this has really nothing to do with you. How many times have you or someone you know had a frustrating or at the least an embarrassing situation associated with what I am referring to? This will usually arise due to our tendency to define and label a person, thing or situation. We usually do this instead of being aware of the moment in which we are experience something.

Your state of awareness will open up the life consciousness dimension that is always there for us. Every situation has the potential to set you free the moment that you feel the experience through universal consciousness. You may need to use our human consciousness to access this portal. Eventually you will become more and more aware that your bodily consciousness is secondary, life consciousness is primary. This has been accepted and told by many sages throughout our species existence.

Defining yourself is considered a means to an end for many people. The question people often ask is: “How should I know who I am if a God or other people don’t define me?” We are basically taught that there is someone or something that knows who and what we are. This may sound quite preposterous; but this is a normal “frame of mind” for most people. Furthermore this question has been conditioned into our evolution. We; as a species have been manipulated into a state of “being” that depends on the definitions of others.

We program ourselves in the very same way. A state of existence that thrives on defining and judging is considered normal. Most people would be consumed by confusion if it were not for this state of “being” among our species. But consider our state of being “with” these patterns of searching and defining. Therefore would it not be true to say that we are already lost, fearful and literally overwhelmed by the dependency on searching for a defined “state of being”?

Define Yourself Through Life Awareness

Why is it necessary to define yourself? We actually appear to want others to define us. What other explanation could there be? We encounter a person or situation in every moment of our existence. We are usually a pawn to the supposed content of each moment. This only seems true when we are not feeling the actuality of that moment. That is when we are susceptible to the imposed content caused by our state of unawareness. Emotions, conditioning, and ego incorporate the structure of a human consciousness that is not accepting the dimension of life. Please note that I did not say “not consciousness of the dimension of life”.

We can not truly feel life consciousness through our own form consciousness. It only appears that way due to the limitations of our species consciousness. Human beings consider themselves quite superior, but we are still quite restricted and bound by self inflected limitations. These limitations originate from eons of behavioral pattern development within our species content structures.

The next time you feel the urge to define yourself; just stop. Ask yourself instead if it would be easier not to limit yourself through definitions based on illusions. Allowing yourself, another person or a situation to manipulate your “being” is to exist in denial of your true self.

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