Human Being Evolution: Has there been any true development?

What has really occurred in the development of the human species? There are physicist and evolutionist who have verified through human science that humankind has not made any gross evolutionary movement since around one hundred thousand years ago. It is interesting that this almost coincides with the awaking of human consciousness (self-awareness) as we know it now.

It there a significance to this timeline transition? It would appear that this contributed greatly to the later development of our creative intelligence as well as the expansion of human species consciousness. Although we continue to evolve as a species, it is on a minimal scale. An interesting phenomenon took place during the transition from primal evolution to creative human consciousness evolution. We simply no longer needed to evolve solely based on aspects of species survival. Here again it is interesting to know that this all took place at the same time when a shift in humankind’s living habits took place. This is dated at the period around fifty thousand years ago. This is when the social structures and social interaction of our modern world started to take shape.

The many wonderful human characteristics that are part of our species development eventually became a cauldron of poison in regards to human consciousness. We could say that the human consciousness existed and developed through a natural species process up to this period fifty or sixty thousand years ago. May we conclude that consciousness is a development process “side effect” of a given species? The use of the words “side effect” is perhaps wrongly stated but worth considering. The increase in intelligence and creativity harbored the blossoming and flourishing of our species consciousness. Then why does our human consciousness now suffer from the mind / thought output of our species?

The reasons why this occurs and how and when it happened are irrelevant and insignificant. We may simplify everything by just acknowledging that it happened. We have created our own hell. This “natural species occurrence” has however placed our species in a situation unlike any other know species. The human species transition that initiated the expansion of human consciousness is nothing mysterious or frightening. Unfortunately humankind has done its best to complicate the beauty and simplicity of our consciousness and also equally complicate universal intelligence consciousness. It was only after the first initial human consciousness awakening that the difficulties of human existence took a hold on our daily activities.

Consciousness is a constant in the universe. It is the beginning without an end and it is ever present. It is only the manifestation of consciousness through life-forms that appear to take on different content. We can not truthfully say that all things in the universe do not have a “consciousness”. Religious teaching and scientifically deducted conclusions imply that consciousness is to be found everywhere and in every thing.

An ever occurring factor that we should consider is our perception of life and the universe. We have developed very rapidly as a species. The awakening of self-consciousness opened up a dimension that is not easily; if at all, understood. The development of our human consciousness since this self-conscious awakening has confused us into “assuming” that human methods and equations of the universe are explicitly correct.
We base our understanding of consciousness on  humanly derived conclusions.

Scientist and religious scholars debate using different man-made concepts and tools. Science uses formulas and equations to analyze and deduce a probable solution for any given situation. Religion uses faith, beliefs and fear to produce a state of human existence limbo. We can say that both areas are content structures of a human existence. Every concept or content which has derived through our species development has significance only when we remain restricted to these conditioned behaviorism. We defy ourselves the beautiful simplicity of life when our human consciousness is confined and or manipulated by this repetitive behavior.

Development of Consciousness

I do not wish to say that one perspective used to govern our human existence is better than another. Therefore I do wish to suggest that “all” are insignificant other than for practical uses in daily human activities. I actually feel that many, perhaps all of our species endeavors are only components based on an illusion. These take on a relative human importance but not an absolute importance.

It would appear that the man-made instruments of science and or religion have had a devastating impact on our species form consciousness development. Sadly it seems religion has contaminated this development more than science. The role of religion in our personal and social development may be very detrimental to the development our human consciousness; especially concerning totality (oneness). These controlling influences have resulted in a “lack of true human consciousness development”.

The vast possibilities that have been given us through the awakening of our human consciousness are truly beautiful to behold. Religion and various human characteristic factors are constantly implying a human reality that has no true basis or reality in life. These factors are denying the full potential of our human consciousness.

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