Human Beings CAN be Conscious of Awareness

The awakening of self-awareness in our species has given human beings the opportunity to experience the universe from within ourselves. It is better to say that the awakening of self-consciousness has given us the option of awareness to awareness. This awareness to presence will either be experienced or not and at different intensities. A salvation for our human existence can be obtained through experiencing the now in its true state. There is an inner peace that can be maintained through our harmony with this universal frequency.


However this will not happen on any significant scale if we can not release our human form from the restrains placed upon us through evolution and mostly self-imposed misgivings. There is a self-defined edge of reality on which we mentally project ourselves. We existence within the parameter of this human reality; we consider this to be real.

We interpret this path as human life. A person will often peer beyond this edge of human reality into the vastness of oneness. Any given person often feels that there is something outside the boundaries that have been established. The dimension of absolute totality beckons us; but we are very fearful. “Now” may be the time to ask ourselves if we wish to continue walking on this fine edge of human mind constructed illusion reality or do we jump into the vastness of totality.

Human beings are the actual Gods and or God that most people insist have created us. Human beings are the makers of a science that many claims define the universe. We constantly swim in an absolute love that many insist can only be found in a God and salvation.
Do we really want to continue existing in this state of restriction and denial? The moment for us to stop making and using excuses is now!

Something miraculous will be experienced when we stop cohering to our human form self-imposed illusions.

We will rediscover our true self.

We are the source of everything that we seek. We are fear, love, and hate. All this searching has been done in the hope of finding a peace and salvation that has never been lost. It has and will always engulf us as is true with all forms.

We are the very God that we love, fear and hate. We, together with all life forms contribute to life.

The answers and the salvation human beings so dearly seek and desire all there within us. All forms are equally within it. We only need to reconnect to it, feel, and accept it.
Do we want to mold our world and the universe in harmony with life, or do we want to remain separated from it?
The choice, that is not truly a choice, should be simple.

After all…our form consciousness is the co – creator of life.
Pure consciousness is the creator. It is one and the same.

Do we really want to continue existing within an illusion that demands separation?

First realize that your world is only a reflection of yourself and then stop finding fault with the reflection.
– Nisargadatta Maharaj


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