Human Beings, Spirit & Life

The path that mankind as been on for hundreds of thousands of years could perhaps be altered through a simple awareness shift. Our thoughts and actions would then be based more on universal consciousness and less on human consciousness. This new awakening may be as simple as making a few changes in how we perceive ourselves, other human beings and the universe. How we manifest the things of this world would then be altered. We could nurture this process by developing our children’s awareness of the universal consciousness; which is not truly human and not strictly spirit.


This may prove much more constructive than teaching our children that we are human beings searching for a path back to the spirit or God. However this, in itself, would require a new understanding of our human existence in relation to life. This shift and eventually change is regardless of religion and nationality. Life does not choose sides. We assume to be conscious of so many things in the world.  Unfortunately we are consumed with irrelevant thoughts and emotions that contaminate human consciousness. This greatly reduces true life awareness in daily activities. What results from this type of contamination? We believe and assume that words, definitions and interpretations are the absolute truth to life.

We have a sub consciousness and a consciousness; is it possible that there is something else?  The subconscious is really only a reflection of our consciousness. The subconscious often serves as a pressure valve.  It does its best to evaluate, analyze and categorize experiences that occur during consciousness. Our consciousness is continually performing its job of gathering human existence information.  It is constantly active but perhaps not truly aware. Would it be appropriate to say that often we are living in a relatively passive state of human consciousness?

Another way of describing this would be to say that we experience a state of consciousness that has been conditioned by the mind’s activities. This is due to the fact that we suffer conditioning from the time we are born. We are not really aware that our consciousness suffers manipulation and restrictions resulting from conditioning. Human localized consciousness is not necessarily spirit and not necessarily human; it is both and so much more. We have a human consciousness, acquired through evolution. We also have the universal consciousness, which is essentially life energy. Would it be accurate to say that a state of awareness decides what is happening and what will happen?

Human Consciousness

The present stage of our development suggests that we try or wish to live as either the person or the spirit. How we relate to this depends on our level of awareness. Why can’t we accept and live as both? This is our true reality. We just can’t accept this fact. We are life energy consciousness experiencing this life-form. The mind overshadows consciousness; both localized and universal. This often leaves a person feeling alone and lost. The spirit (life energy), when given the opportunity to flow, engulfs everything.

Nothing is ever alone; everything is united. This is the truth, although it is a truth that we seldom just accept or allow.  Life energy + Human being = Spirit (universal life consciousness) would be an appropriate equation to consider.

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