Human Experience vs. a Writer’s Creativity

What is the everyday human experience vs. a writer’s creativity? Anyone that has discovered the writer’s inspiration within him or herself knows the impact of this title. A writer feels so much. There are inspirations, fantasies, ideas and dreams that the writer wishes to express. These are all to be found within the creative energy flow. Ideas and inspiration often come very spontaneously. It would be ideal to then stop whatever we are doing and expand on this spontaneous inspiration. This would normally involve sitting down; opening up the Notebook or taking out a pen and paper, and start writing.

This is usually not always convenient. There are other activities that have priority in everyday life. There is the number one largest creative flow blocker. This would be the daily work routine. Some people are in a work or career position that nurtures a person’s creative flow. The majority of people are unfortunately not. This hampers the creative flow greatly. Many times this is so discouraging that the creative flow in many individuals is then simply ignored as a short-lived thought. The motivation to pursuer this inspiration then dies.

There are many other areas of everyday life that can cause disturbances in the creative flow that you have discovered within you.

There are the daily routines of family life. There are activities each day that demand our attention. The family and social commitments can be quite overwhelming. This is where our discussion gets really interesting. The creative flow which allows individuals to express their inspirations is more attainable when we are not consumed by our human species form contents. These can include our over active thought patterns and emotions. These two areas of our human form existence have established themselves as dominant factors of our experiences. It is true that thoughts and emotions are a natural part of our species evolutionary development. We however have lost our true self in the diversity and complexity of our unawareness to life. I could go on and on, but we should simply be more aware of our “being”. This “being” is life.

The creative flow can blossom much more readily when we have grasped the actual insignificance of our daily activities. Then we may continue to do the activities that are associated with “being human” without losing ourselves in this content form existence.

This would not necessarily mean that suddenly we would witness a world full of writers, actors and countless people who would be “creatively oriented” in life. I do feel that an understanding of our true essence would insure creative energy that would be felt and experienced throughout the universe. This is the beauty of expression. A writer is usually not bound by the conformities and restrictions of our self imposed human illusions. He or she has stepped through the creative doorway. This doorway is the entrance to a void which appears empty to most people, but in actuality it contains everything. This awareness of life simplicity; and yet vast possibilities, could be very enriching for everyone, not just those individuals that feel the desire to express it through some form of literature.

Have a great day.

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