Human Interactions: How to Manifest Life?

Human beings really only have one true desire. This would be to reunite with our true self. Human beings are generally uneasy because deep down we know that we are living a type of illusion. This does not mean that what you or I do in our existence is right or wrong. This really only means that we devote too much life energy to maintaining this mirror image of established content illusions. We are living a lie. We blindly continued to interpret, reinterpret and validity our existence through illusions.


It is even a false interpretation for me to say that our desire is to reunite with our true self. We are our true self; we have simply forgotten this fact. My reference to reuniting with the self is actually only a conjectured thought illusion. We have never been separated from life. We are totally engulfed in it each moment. Love is also always there for us to experience; but we must choice it. I had an interesting encounter recently that illustrates the human mental framework about life that I have written about above.

I had spoken to someone on the telephone and could sense the stress and frustration in here voice. We exchanged the normal pleasantries; then words began flowing from her. She explained how her day had unfolded. Her next statement was very pronounced. “My life is over. I only function. This isn’t living”. I remained silent; allowing her to continue her tale. She told me about various experiences of the day. I could sense that she hoped I would agree with her explanations concerning what she was feeling. She rambled on for ten or fifteen minutes. I was very fascinated by her explanations. She was doing her best to convince me or herself that she had lost touch with life.

This same mental ailment is what the majority of humankind experiences. The essence of love and life are always there; we have however separated ourselves from their essence. We have become very insensitive to the importance of life awareness. Our level of consciousness has inadvertently separated us from the very thing that has the most significance for us; this would be conscious life energy. This sentence appears redundant when first read. How is it possible to have such an advanced level of object consciousness and still be so unaware of life? This is something for us to consider.

The bond between universal consciousness and love is becoming more and more evident. This is perhaps due to two factors. The first would be the actual level of consciousness in the human form as is true with any living form. The second factor would be how any given life-form unites with universal life consciousness. Is there perhaps a direct correlation between our lack of life awareness and our misuse of that which we have defined as love?

Human State of Awareness

Human beings have reached an advanced stage of self-consciousness. This has given us the opportunity to question life, love and the universe. There were many hundred thousands of years whereby there was no need or intention to define and understand anything. The mind / thought process eventually developed to a higher state of evolution; self-awareness. This ignited the “need to know” and define everything. Human existence, thus human consciousness was cast into the shadow of mind / thought transactions. The struggle between mind and consciousness is a result of humankind’s individual and social conditioning.

We are now entering a further state of object consciousness that can give us easier access to universal intelligence. Our species may wish to consider moving away from conventional assumptions and beliefs that were spawned from unawareness, ignorance and fear. We can now understand that the development of this world and the universe is and has always depended on what we think, what we wish and what we decide.

The life energy dimension appears to contain an apparent love frequency. Living species of all shapes and sizes contribute to the manifestation of love in the dimension of universal conscious / life energy. This occurs in various intensities that correlate with a given species level of consciousness. The more you simply love; the more likely it is that this is what life will manifest in the universe. Have you ever imagined having this much influence over the universe? You do; furthermore you are the universe.

Warm Regards to everyone


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