Human is Being and Beyond

We spend almost all of our existence searching and demanding. We have so many expectations. The real problem is that we are always asking the wrong questions. We are always expecting things that were never meant for us. We base our expectations purely on human-oriented factors. The universal intelligence will not respond to such demands. It has countless gifts to give us, but only when we are able to see the gifts. This may indicate understanding the essence of life.


Our – if we really want to use the word – “journey” is to reacquire the knowledge over the potential possibilities that are there for us. These possibilities have always been there. We have just been diverted from the truth. Human evolution has caused us to disregard what we really are, which is life. Human ego has led us away from all that we know about the universal oneness. This path has led us into darkness.

There is basically one element missing that has caused us to continue living almost entirely from the level of a human consciousness or the level of human form. We need to become more aware of life’s manifestation within our human form. It would be consciously beneficial to feel life for what it is instead of trying to make everything and everyone be and do what we deem to be correct.

Human Being and Beyond

This would allow us to truly connect to life in its entirety. Then, our human form could simply manifest life as it was intended to do. This is basically what all other life forms are doing. It seems that only humankind fights against the natural order of life’s oneness. Life is already doing what it does, whether we are aware of it or not. We only feel the freedom of this through random awareness because we blindly and continually fight life, instead of just living it.

A change in our awareness field would allow us to adjust our interpretation of the importance and necessity of what we do as human beings. Simply said, we would then be able to easily accept the ups and downs in our daily experiences. We would then have more mental freedom to see situations as they really are and not see them through the eyes of conditioning or the ego.


Best wishes

P.S. The above text is an excerpt from my first book “One Moment in Life”

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