I can’t go on Living this Lie!

We spend our life energy on understand what we believe the world wishes or expects from us. This usually caused us to become frantic with ego-infested thoughts of always needing or demanding something. We often feel the need to be right. Is it possible that we are living a lie?

Or would it be more appropriate to say that we are pursuing a lie?

It is a lie that we identify with. It is a lie that we have conformed to in our human existence, starting from a very young age. This may be when the wisdom of knowing there is something greater or divine starts to clash with what the world expects of each of us. Then we start to conform. We are basically taught to pursue this lie because that is the way it has always been. We become conscious of the world around us. However this consciousness is primarily human-form oriented.

For the most part, this consciousness is from the perspective of a human being. Our human world is supposedly full of demands. We are conditioned to start chasing these demands at a very early age. We usually find that each day seems to only bring more and more demands. These wants and demands clutter and pollute the space in which life consciousness would normally be experienced. We seem to have become so misguided about the truth of life.

Lie vs. Free Choice

What is “free choice”?  We may have felt the peace and abundance of spirit when we were very young, but we have been thrown to the wolves. The price we started to pay from the time of birth onward is because we are human beings. Human evolution is truly like a snowball rolling down a steep mountain.  We gain a little and eventually lose so much with each turning of the ball. The apparent “gain” is strictly man-made and materialistic. The “lose” is our awareness and connection with the one true source of life.

The reference to “free choice” is in terms of us being able to make a choice in every moment. As a child, we are confronted every hour of every day with new facts about what the world of people believes about life. We are influenced and, sadly, manipulated by so many of these influences.  We may all wish to fight against these restrictions and manipulations, but these factors are so overwhelming. The “free choice” is there for each of us in every moment, but so often, it is impossible to reach.  I feel strongly that many of our personal choices are not truly choices made without influences or conditioning.  There is usually an underlying influence or conditioning that determines our choices.

These underlying forces inhibit us from uniting with the oneness of life. The simplest step to free choice would be to just “let go” of all the worldly demands and conditioning. This is, of course, easier said than done…or is it?

Best wishes





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