I care…I don’t care…I care…I don’t care…We All Care

The following article is rather abstract. The message that I would like to share is about human beings and caring. The fact is that so often we do “care” even when we “think” or say “I don’t care”. Unfortunately we submit to a strange behavioral ritual when confronted with situations involving what we have defined as “caring”. This is largely due to ego, emotions and even intelligence.


I don’t care! Do you recall how many times you have used this sentence? We don’t really “think” about it but we use it quite often. I remember pondering on these three words starting as a teenager. It has always been the kind of sentence that sticks in my throat. There is much to be found in these three words when we are willing to openly reveal it.

When I write this; I am referring to the true intend behind the words. Words are only words. It is interesting to know how we feel. What are we really feeling in such a moment? Firstly it is logical to surmise that from time to time we really “do” or “don’t care about a particular situation that is unfolding. This is not what this article wishes to convey. It is possible that when we say “I don’t care” what we really mean is “I do care”.

Care about Sharing

Many people tend to use this sentence (I don’t care) quite loosely in a moment of frustration or perplexity. This may ring a bell for you. You are together with your friends. There have been no plans made. Everyone is undecided about what to do or where to go. You make a suggestion. No one reacts to it. Five minutes later someone asks what you would like to do. You answer automatically with “I don’t care”. Is this really what you mean…what you feel?

Here is a second example. You are speaking with a friend. Your friend wishes for you to go somewhere or do something with him or her. You say “no”. Your friend keeps talking with you about doing something. You repeated say “no”. A few minutes later you friend says, “I don’t care.” “Do what you want.” What is your friend really saying to you?

The word “care” appears to take on two meanings which are dependent on the form; noun or verb. The meanings whether noun or verb are however interrelated. The definitions for both noun and verb are comprised of one main element; concern. This is what we are focusing on in this article.

“I don’t care” can be substituted with “I’m not concerned”. I’m suggesting that much too often this is said, but the opposite is meant. We may become frustrated, anxious or even angry. These are conductive states of mind which induce a reaction such as “I don’t care” but in actuality; we do care. All life-forms innately feel the bond that exists and is primarily motivated by love and the pursuit for a peaceful balance between existing and living.

Best wishes

P.S. This link offers suggestions about sharing and caring among fellow human beings.
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