If You Wish to Grow….Just Let Go…We Can All Learn How to Flow

Let go…what do these two words represent? Our human existence consists of wanting, having and needing. There is however an expanding shift in human consciousness occurring. Individually and collectively we now see ourselves within the field of universal conscious life energy instead of separated from it.


This energy frequency seems to be nurtured by two main factors: Life and consciousness. I have mentioned how I have considered these two from a standpoint of “How did it begin? What was first…life or consciousness”? I had amused myself by depicting life and consciousness to the well known philosophical question; “What came First the chicken or the egg”? Since then I have let go of pondering on such details. There are chickens and there are eggs. There is also life and there is consciousness. The hows and whys should not detracts us from the fact that all are in this frequency of energy.

This field of energy is two fold. It is made “of” vibrations. It equally absorbs vibrations on a continue expanding flow. We could consider a mountainside stream to illustrate this occurrence. The stream flow starts high up in the mountain. The flow may start as a small tinkle from a crevice in a few exposed rocks.

The stream flows continually picking up momentum. It experiences an expansion of various levels. This is however not all that the stream experiences during its constant moving. Its source is nurtured by all that it encounters. This may be as rain. The streams very source (water) is also influenced by dirt, wood, rocks, animals and plants. That which is introduced into the source of water contributes to it in different manners.  The (lets use the word “vibrations”) can enhance the purity and simplicity of the water source. These “vibrations” can however also corrupt and manipulate the water source. This happens when the water source is nurtured by too many corrosive elements (vibrations) that restrict a natural flow. This also occurs when the water source is diverted by obstacles (vibrations) that alter its flowing and expansion.

A dimension of teeming “something” is present in the universe. It is a thriving, expanding flowing frequency. It consists of vibration stimulus that living conscious forms offer it.
Perhaps we should all ask ourselves what type of conscious energy vibrations we are giving this expanding flow of possibilities. The results of our level of awakening to consciousness determines the universal stream’s flow and output. “Now” may be the time for us to just let go.

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