Immortal: Experiencing Life Without Fear

Human beings desire an immortal existence. We scurry about looking for it but never really understanding that consciously reuniting with life; in the now, offers immortality. Immortal is used to describe an existence without end. When did the idea or desire for immortality begin in human beings? There are no actual records but the desire for immortality has been a part of our history for thousands of years. This discussion is focused on the human characteristic attribute that developed parallel to our growing fascination with becoming immortal.

The increasing desire to become immortal subsequently raised our fear of death. We could also call this a fear of living due to the tight mental grip we place on our existence. We tightly hold on to everything including our established understanding of life. This conditioned understanding of life entails life and death. Human beings assume there can be no life without death; thus the desire for an immortal existence. 

The Immortal experience of Now

I have had three experiences which we generally term as near-death situations. I wish to share one such encounter with you. It happened a few short days ago on Monday. I (the seer or the one that is aware) witnessed me (Steve) suffer a heart attack. Explaining it this way helps us to differentiate between the I (universal self) and the me (object).

Monday morning I awoke with heavy pressure in the chest area accompanied by sharp pain. Additionally there was a burning pain around the area of the heart and left side of the chest. Breathing also became very difficult and painful. The left side of the body felt like it did not belong to the body. The pain increased steadily as I prepared to go to work. I live within walking distance from where I work. It became very difficult to walk but I arrived at work; realizing on the way there that something was seriously wrong. I immediately when to an office in the building that I knew would be occupied. I told the woman there that something was wrong. There I sat for a moment. She looked at me and said that she was going to call a doctor and an ambulance. I first asked her not to call for a doctor or ambulance but instantly realized that this must be done because I was falling to the floor.

Mind, Body and Self-Awareness

Now we come to the part of this experience that may be spiritually beneficial for you as the reader. I would like to quote the actor Leonard Nimoy’s character Spock. The experience during the heart attack was for lack of a better word; “fascinating” I do not wish to say that the bodily ailments that I experienced were enjoyable. It was the level of perception that I had during the heart attack. This made the experience “fascinating”. We could call this an “out of the body” experience. It became very clear to me that I was not the body that was experiencing the pain and confusion associated with what was happening. There was a higher level of detachment from the mind and body that developed.


It was not necessarily an experience of peace and serenity. Rather it was a feeling of being unattached from everything in that moment. “I” still experienced the pain and discomfort that the body was experiencing. However “I” was not the body or pain. This consciously aware part of “me” was free from the content details of the moment. There “I” was on the office floor experiencing the “me” having a heart attack. The fact that “I” was witnessing this heart attack from a higher level of conscious awareness gave me space or a type of immunity to what was happening. The conscious awareness level was so intense that I could actually witness the mind / body trying to pull my awareness away from the experience of carefree free-falling.

Immortal Beyond Body and Mind

It is difficult to put into words but it is as if I was not concerned with what the body was experiencing. There was only minimum presence attention giving to the body and thoughts during the heart attack. The doctor and ambulance arrived. I could sense the doctor asking questions but “I” was very indifferent to what was happening. The mind and body were suffering and yet “I” had felt fine. The localized conscious awareness that I witnessed was however still vulnerable to the symptoms of the body. In simple words; I passed out. There was nothing that I witnessed during this “unconsciousness”. I did however almost laugh when I regained consciousness.

I am not sure how I can summarize this experience for you from a spiritual perspective. The message or signpost that I wish to share with you is the lack of attachment to mind and body during the heart attack. The true self “I” had no fear or need for attachment as this happened to “me”. Practicing detachment from the momentary content; whether physical or mental, of any situation in our existence would be very beneficial. Detachment from any person, thing or event does not mean a lack of understanding or caring. The exact opposite will happen. We will have direct access to a frequency of space consciousness that offers everything or nothing; depending on a person’s state of awareness.

A person can either acknowledge the true immortal essence in each moment or experience a repetitive process of attachment, anxiety and fear. It is each persons choice.

Best wishes

P.S. I was rushed to the hospital. Shortly thereafter tests confirmed that a main heart artery was almost completely collapsed. I received two artery stents. The body is now recovering.



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