Information: What are you hoping to find?

We often hear people say that everything was different years ago. 10,000 years ago our daily existence was more difficult but straightforward. You are probable familiar with the quote: Eat or be eaten! This was the basis for our activities for many hundred thousand of years. How does information and the transfer of it relate to our existence? More so, how does active awareness to this information and how it is transferred offer a portal to conscious living?

Primitive human beings existed without complex information structures. There were a few basic guidelines that were shared among two individuals or, at the most, a small group of people. There was information being shared but this consisted of rules for survival. However the complexity associated with information transfer started to increase as the mind adjusted and developed.

The ability to simply live and respond to life without the need for information and mind input / output became increasingly difficult. Thoughts appeared and became our primary reference source. Coincidentally the ability to live consciously became secondary. This increased the demand for more input and the mind was constantly searching for new material to satisfy its needs.

There has been an increase in information within the last two years that far exceeds all previous years since the dawn of humankind. Here are a few statistics:

– Ninety percent of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. Our current output of data is roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes a day (*

– 3,607,080 Google searches are conducted worldwide each minute of everyday.

– Worldwide, 15,220,700 texts are sent every minute!

– More than 4 million hours of content uploaded to YouTube every day, with users watching 5.97 billion hours of YouTube videos each day.

– 269 billion emails are sent daily in 2017, and this is expected to grow by 4.4% yearly to 319.6 billion in 2021.

Information Begone Beyond the Mind

The article that I am sharing with you now is already a part of this continually information transfer and on and on it goes. However you may be asking yourself why I am writing about this and how does this pertain to living consciously. There are two distinct types of information. The first is data and the second is knowledge. Wikipedia offers more ideas and insights into this topic.

It would be acceptable to write that an information transfer is also experienced within life energy and universal consciousness. This is also true for mind and conscious energy within any object. Therefore we have something to consider. Do we wish to continue adding more and more data to our existence? Or do we reunite with the flow of universal intelligence and thereby fulfill the desire to live consciously and experience bliss?

The steady flow of mind output, questions and interpretations would then only have relative importance. A person would literally go beyond the mind to experience a dimension of unmanifested energy. This is the bliss of enlightenment and does not necessarily mean that all worldly difficulties and sickness will be gone. However the result of this bliss is a union with life and the acceptance that we, as a conscious divine being, are co-creating our existence.

Best wishes

P.S. The Alan Watts video offers refreshing insight into conscious awareness and spiritual enlightenment.



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