Intentional Mind or Living Consciously!

Does living consciously suggest that experiencing consciousness must be intentional? Furthermore must awareness be intentional before it is possible to consciously awaken and to be conscious? Let’s ask one additional question in reference to this article. Does the intention to live more consciously originate in the mind, from the realm of conscious energy or both?

Let us first start with a clear understanding of intentional as far as this is possible using words. It has been defined by the internet Dictionary as: done on purpose, deliberate. It may be significant to note that conscious is also listed as a synonym for intentional.

Now what does your intuition tell you? There are other life-forms experiencing consciousness and it is fascinating to consider if a bird or even a plant must first have the intention to be conscious? You probably would agree that it is unlikely that other known objects in the universe contemplate being conscious. The level of consciousness in any given life-form is not relevant. A rock, tree or bee exists and is one with the universe and life without any intent.

It is unlikely that there is any intentional pondering done by a fish as it swims along in the water. The fish surly does not use the mind to become more aware of the water in which it thrives. We are not only an object that is a person. Life energy and consciousness suggest that we are pure energy beyond the mind and body. Therefore could the mind be a window to consciousness or is it visa versa?

Intentional Mind and Consciousness

I tend to feel that it is simply dependent on your present state of being. You, I and everything are manifesting life and it has the capability to be conscious of itself. However we can not be completely sure that life energy is conscious without an object that is aware of this consciousness. It is pulsating and manifesting through all objects and does not need to be conscious. It is already the totality of consciousness without truly needing a reminder of this fact.

The mind, on the other hand, gives us many opportunities such as intentional awareness to this energy field that can be stimulated both mentally and consciously. Therefore would it be accurate to suggest that the mind is helpful in becoming more aware of consciousness when it is being observed by consciousness? Otherwise we remain unaware and live strictly from the mind which in itself is only based on thoughts, feelings, stories and illusion.

Ultimately it is beneficial to acknowledge consciousness and through practice to live consciously in unison with it and thus life. Moreover a moment will come when the process of intentionally being aware of consciousness is not longer necessary. Living consciously will become the normal state of existence.

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