Intuition vs. Feeling

This is a topic discussion that may seem to twist and turn, whereas we can’t really determine an absolute understanding of the experience. Do you “think” that there is a difference between intuition and feeling? Thinking, in itself, is usually problematic. Therefore do you trust intuition or your feelings?


Many people will suggest that there is no difference between having an intuition and feeling something. Needless to say, I am not sharing this insight to justify or define one or the other as good or bad, right or wrong. I guess that you must simple trust your intuition. Or do you prefer to trust your feelings?

I have reflected on this and determined the following to be plausible. An intuition is a known that does not need to be known because it is based on what is universal (innately known without thought or feeling). This has been described as “The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning” This would imply that neither thinking, feeling or even conscious awareness are necessary to be inspired by such insight. You simply know without knowing why.

Intuition vs. Feeling: How Will You Decide?

There is essentially no reason to know why. Isn’t this fundamentally correct for living and being in a state of presence that is conscious of itself? The questions how and why are ostentatious conditioned behavior of the mind. You are alive and that is enough without demanding to know more.

A feeling, on the other hand, is established through a process of trial and error or to simplify this we can say conditioning. The internet dictionary defines a feeling as “an emotional state or reaction”. This would mean that a feeling needs something to establish itself due to a given state of being or reaction. This is even evident in awareness or enlightenment. The mind will insist on labeling any state of being, whether this suggests unawareness or awareness.

I have written insight below for you to consider; followed by a question. These can be useful as stepping stones and an exercise in establishing your state of being. Will you react to the following statements through feelings or will you intuitively know without knowing?

+ Intuition is not of the mind.

+ Energy flowing through a conditioned mind causes imbalance because life is then experienced through a cloud of feelings and thoughts.

+ Misinterpretations are due to experiences and beliefs that have caused conditioning.

+ Intuition does not originate in the conditioned mind.

+ Is intuition a guide to living consciously and in unity?

Best wishes

P.S. It would be gratifying and heart-warming for me to receive feedback from you about your ideas and insight relating to these topics.




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