Is-ness of each Moment

I wish everyone a fulfilling Sunday.

The is-ness of each moment. Words are often so easy to speak, so simple to write. I am however sure that many of you feel something more than just “that” what the words express on the human form level. We are swimming in the very essence of life.

There will be good, there appears often to be bad. It is very difficult for our conditioned mind to grasp but each of us, you and me are contributing constantly to life.

When a situation occurs; whatever it may be, it is the output of form consciousness energy that will define what will come next. We generally ignore the gifts of life. It seems so strenuous to acknowledge the “is-ness” of life. The mind is so distracted and equally distracting. This is where separation is injected into our existence. Sadly we don’t realize that this acknowledgment is the key to accepting the salvation that is always there for us.

This is when we fail to fathom the depth of equilibrium that is at the foundation of life. Life has it’s characteristics, which are quite subtle. We give back to life in the manner that we accept our existence. It is a circle. We experience life…we interpret…then we give something back to it.
The faulty link in the chain is perhaps our “interpretation of life”. This seems to cause most of the unnecessary confusion and friction in our existence and thus outward into the universe and life. Life then does its best to incorporate this confused human form consciousness into its tapestry. This is a natural process because the human consciousness is nothing more and nothing less than the universal consciousness. The results are not always conductive to experiencing the freedom and simplicity that are true and real in the essence of life.

We may experience a tranquility that we had never “thought” possible; once we repair this weak link. What will help us to release the bonds of false interpretation and judgment? It all comes back to acute awareness of the is-ness of each situation in every moment. This is where access to the real-life dimension is obtained.

I have included a link. This video shows the significance of all forms; great and small. It also suggests that it is possible for us to release conscious energy that can define our surroundings and the universe.

Best wishes


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