Is any Situation really so Serious?

Have you every spilled milk or have something similar happen? This is something that can happen to anyone. There are hundreds of situations that occur each day. Is any one of these truly serious? There are; of course, a variety of responses to any given situation. Every person will also have an individual understanding of any occurring situation. I do not wish to write that we must not react seriously to an encounter with a person or an event that has transpired. These things are relatively serious but not absolutely.

This article is more concerned with taking a look at the outcome of a situation that has perhaps been taken “too seriously”. It would also be beneficial to accept the actuality of any given “serious” situation. Here again the spilled milk is a useful example for our discussion. What might we discover when we break down the unfolding of a glass of spilled milk. Let’s keep it simple. You or I are pouring milk. The glass tips and the milk flows unto the kitchen counter and floor. This may sound too easy but that is all that there is to the experience of spilled milk. The “ifs”, “ands” “buts” or “whys” do not change, take away or add anything to the event that has occurred. Our mental or emotional state will also not change the fact that the milk has spilled.

We could make a story out of the situation. This is what human beings do with almost every everlasting moment in our existence. We make stories. The story could consist of many variations such as “the milk spilled because I was in a hurry to watch TV”. Another might be “The glass tipped over because I was upset with my boss / wife / husband”. The list goes on and on. just like everything in our human existence we need explanations and excuses. The human species is compiled to justify every person and every situation. How would it “be” to simply accept that the milk spilled? This can be applied to countless situations and encounters with people. Why do we insist on complicating a situation? I feel that I do not know the true extent to our behavioral dilemma.

I could write much about the mind and its need / demand for complications in our existence. There are several topics that should be considered. We could do this at a later date. Let us for now return to something that we are somewhat familiar with; this would be “awareness”. Awareness is the key to “feeling” the actuality of any situation. This is again not limited to the awareness level of our form / form mental state. This mental state is the level that causes us to react; often so radically, to a situation. No, here we are referring to awareness at the level of universal awareness.

A Situation with a Story

This “oneness” field of nothing and everything is perhaps comparable to a meal being prepared. Our level of individual and collective awareness can and will provide the ingredients for this meal. This in turn determines the flow of our existence because too much of one spice or not enough of another will influence the outcome of the meal. Cooking the meal too long or not long enough will also determine the end result. Isn’t this very similar to any given situation? Adding different spices could be compared to our changing emotions. The short and long term outcome of our behavior is parallel to cooking a meal too long or not long enough.

When we refuse to accept a situation such as spilled milk, for what it is, we hold on to mental patterns of frustration, anger, shame etc. This will greatly alter the “taste” of our existence experiences. It may be rewarding to feel a situation as it occurs. Then accept it. Next do what is needed or “natural” in that moment for that situation. Lastly we could then let the situation go at the appropriate time. We could learn to become life aware in any situation; whether it would be spilled milk, the loss of a job, or the separation from someone. It only sounds impossible or even silly because we have been conditioned to respond in a manner that does not really require true awareness.

Best wishes

P.S. I have included a video link related to over-thinking and finding happiness. Noah Elkrief has refreshing insight over life and our existence.



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