Kindness: Do Unto Others

It is appropriate to say that kindness is deeply rooted within our existence. How, what or why is not necessary when considering it. Kindness, at least at a fundamental basis, is hopefully present in all life-forms. It is nurtured or corrupted by the output of object energy. Furthermore experiencing and expressing it seems to be a desired state of living for object forms. This is very evident in life-forms with a high level of object consciousness.


The previous paragraph may seem to be an exaggeration in terms of kindness and its influence on life-forms. Naturally neither I nor anyone can truly comprehend such things as life, consciousness or love. However there is a close correlation between kindness and conscious awareness. This relationship initiates an object energy output that nurtures unity.

Oneness is an expression of unity and essentially the building block of the universe. Every object has an element or elements of the universe within it. Therefore it is accurate to say that we and all things are one. Furthermore energy is flourishing everywhere and it is pulsating with life. Likewise we can communicate and transfer it through this energy.

Flowing Stream of Kindness

Life is the source energy and life-form generated frequencies such as love and kindness have been introduced into this mainstream. The observation of this flowing stream of vibrating energy may reveal something astonishing. This is because the vastness of unmanifested space surrounding it contains more combined energy then the individual objects within it.

Therefore there is an abundance of raw energy here in each moment. What do you wish to do with the almost unlimited possibilities available to you? The following Bible passage offers insight into how we can share object energy frequencies such as kindness.

Luke 6:31 “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

It is always our choice. I have mentioned this in various articles as a reminder to myself and to you. Do we focus on the mind or on our awareness to consciousness? Should we share kindness to the best of our ability? There is no need to ask these questions. It is obvious that living consciously nurtures the blossoming of consciousness. Therefore sharing and focusing on kindness will strengthen its existence in the flowing stream of life energy.

Best wishes


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