Know What Is Mind: Realize What Is Consciousness

Do you see a difference between these two statements? There are stepping stones within and beyond the context of both words that can be useful in awakening to consciousness. Furthermore know and realize are primary signposts that can be helpful in experiencing enlightenment.

Therefore to know something is to perceive or understand what you are experiencing in the present moment. This can also include being aware of awareness and knowing that you are aware. Additionally the acceptance of this knowledge will increase the likelihood that object consciousness will expand; both personally and collectively. Thoughts and emotions will consequently not be misleading and your will stay anchored in universal space consciousness.

“True philosophy must start from the most immediate and comprehensive fact of consciousness: ‘I am life that wants to live, in the midst of life that wants to live”
– Albert Schweitzer

Moreover the mind cannot know what it truly means to be conscious and this can only be experienced in a state of unattached oneness. When a person indicates that he or she knows something it is often a knowing that originates in the mind. An individual will experience this type of knowing through conditioned thoughts, emotions and the ego. Whereas the knowing we are referring to can be conveyed as a realization. Here realization and consciousness are synonymous. It can only be experienced because living consciously becomes contaminated when the mind remains dominate in the realm of our perception.

To Know Is not Knowing

The essence of this universal intelligence has nothing to do with the mind; other than the mind being an object form of this energy. Furthermore the mind has the capacity to produce energy and it becomes more interesting when a life-form reaches a certain depth of object or self-consciousness. The flow of life energy can manifest more freely and naturally when you realize that you are a conscious being that is experiencing itself.

This allows a co-operative creation of the universe but only if a person is aware. You will know this when you realize that self-consciousness is not limited to you or even our species. A deepened self-awareness is the doorway to harmony and unification between all object forms.

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