Knowing love: Knowing Life

Knowing doesn’t always originate from theory or fact finding. There is a knowledge resonating within us, through us and around. It is there to be experienced. There is a true knowing within life and of love.

We need not search, expect or even desire it. There is always life. There is always love. The key is to simply allow. I have included a poem about love, life and knowing.


There is something I have inside.
You have it to; it would seem.
It is there both day and night.
Days are filled with joy.
The nights are so peaceful; dreams abound.
What I have…what you have… is there to be felt.
It is a treasure.
It is love.

Love can not be bought.
It is not something that you simply find.
Rather it is love that has found you.
Love you may say is often so far away.
When it is there, why does it not often stay?
Feeling love is thrilling.
Nurturing it to always blossom is a task.
Love often falls into darkness.

It is buried deep within, caused by the world without.
Love is many times purposely hidden, disappointments to blame.
This can lead to fear, sometimes to rage.
Love without love will surely rot away.
Fear holds us back; thus love can fade away…it may die.
There is something to share.

The love that is there is to be given.
To love without fear is to become love.
Love will allow love to blossom.
There are a few other things.
These are also so true.

Understanding, commitment and patience are but a few.
To believe in love; this has often been said.
Believing will not do; knowing is more true.
Knowing allows sharing; sharing allows caring.
Caring promotes love.
Believe what you choose but…know that you are loved.


Best wishes

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