Knowledge of Life

There is a universal knowledge that we are engulfed in and it is manifesting through us. We have called this knowledge by many different names over thousands of years. The labels we have placed on this knowledge are numerous. Human existence appears filled with conflicts. These are not necessarily physical conflicts. There are difficulties much worst than the physical confrontations within our existence.


These are mental and emotional manipulations and restrictions. Universal knowledge can first be fully experienced when we have cleared a space in our existence for this knowledge.

There are barriers of the mind and were created solely by the mind. The individual and collective mind invokes countless energy vibrations that can be damaging; when not seen in their true form.  The lack of awareness to this energy source nurtures the feeling of separation between yourself (life-form) and the flow of this energy (totality). The incapability to accept that there is “something” there that doesn’t need defining often isolates people from its actuality. 

This provokes non-acceptance. This may increase the probability of a person conforming to thought and belief structures. This; in turn, decreases the probability that a person will simply allow what he or she feels (unquestionable) to flow uninhibited. These behavior patterns may be the worst afflictions that human beings do to their own being.

Release from these behavior patterns is a learning process. The process of releasing thoughts, emotions and conditioned behavior transforms life-form existence. An existence of barriers and manipulating circumstances will begin to change. You may begin to experience a feeling of indifference to what is happening. I do not wish to suggest that this transformation will mean that you don’t care about what happens. It suggests that you will reunite with universal life knowledge. You will be indifferent only in the sense that worldly situations do not impair the flow of life. You will once again become the universal energy consciousness that manifests through you. This is very empowering for the life-form and the flow of unmanifested energy in which all life-forms are engulfed.


Best wishes to all


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