Language of Life: Are You Listening?

You and I are speaking it, even if we are not aware of it. It is the universal language that manifests in all objects. This could also simply be called life or conscious energy. However let’s look a little deeper into how this vibrating frequency influences us and we it.


This is a language that everyone can hear but therefore we should listen and feel the vibration. Unfortunately we usually don’t regard this tingling sensation as significant as we are stuck in a traffic jam or during most daily activities. This energy is universal and everything everywhere is experiencing it; still we choose to disregard it.

The reasons for our disconnection from it are numerous but mostly invalid. It would be more appropriate to say that we are conditioned not to hear or feel this unspoken language. However we are still mystified by it, we desire it and yet we often fear it. This is perhaps the reason we have created conditioned core structures into our existence such as beliefs and religions.

Whispering Language of Life

You, as an individual, have surely experienced the space and feeling of freedom associated with this language frequency on occasion. We and every object are collectively aware of this energy at different conscious levels. Yet the mind often prohibits active interface with this spirit of life. Nevertheless it whispers to us in each and every moment.

There are many existential and spiritual benefits for us in regard to this universal language energy. A recognition and reunification with this dimension would shift our object energy output from mind based to a conscious living orientation. Therefore true interaction with this frequency requires practice but eventually access to it will be readily available in every moment.

The true beauty of our active participation within this energy dimension is that the oneness experienced within life will become very obvious. This, in turn, will allow empathy and love to blossom and thrive. More so, love and compassion will have the potential to become the basis for our existence instead of ego, demand and greed.

What do you truly wish to experience, sharing and love or isolation and fear? The language of life and of love is continually whispering. Are you listening?

Best wishes


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