Letting Go

What does “letting go” really mean to you? We have discussed acceptance, frustrations, situation outcome responsibility and sign posts in the last few blog articles. “Letting go” could be consider synonymous with acceptance in our discussions on finding our way back to the simplicity of life essence. Acceptance occurs naturally through a state of higher awareness. We gracefully pass through the portal of unlimited possibilities (miracles) when we accept that which “is” in any given moment.

Acceptance and letting go are interconnected through awareness. Both happen naturally when a person has reached a state of life awareness that permits growth. I am not actually referring to a growth of knowledge or intelligence. Growth pertaining to our discussion deals with knowing that we know nothing. We only think or believe that we know due to our creative intelligence. Feeling the essence of life (truth) does not necessarily occur through intelligence or believe structures. It will simply happen for us when we have accepted the moment. Through acceptance we can learn to feel a situation or confrontation clearly. Then we can let go of any cumbersome behavior, emotion and conditioning that we may feel is restricting us.

Letting Go and Allowing

This is the key. Without acceptance through awareness we will remain in a state of delusion pertaining to ourselves and the universe around us. No actual life dimension awareness can develop without accepting what you have become aware of and then deciding if you should let go or not. The act of letting go is very helpful in basically all human being existence experiences.

Letting go allows us to become more and more atoned with the natural rhythm of life. The beauty, freedom and serenity within the essence of life is truly and literally “mind” bogging. The human mental state of existence has great difficulty in just “letting go”. A more acute sense of life consciousness will give you ready access to the natural flow of life. The first steps toward letting go can be very burdening. This is why a few “sign posts” along the way can help to keep you oriented on life and not on human existence illusions concerning life.

I have included another great video clip from Ralph Smart. He keeps his discussions basic. The beauty of his teaching can be felt through awareness. His teachings allow the portal of life to open up before you. His words are filled with sign post that will stimulate your field of awareness. It is up to each of us. You must decide if you wish to “let go” and feel what is within the dimension of life consciousness.

Best wishes

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