Life…Life-Forms and Consciousness

We may say that there are three points of reference in life: form, form consciousness, and absolute consciousness. Each experiences the latter in its own unique way. Perhaps a beneficial accomplishment for human beings would be to acknowledge the reality of absolute consciousness for what it “is”. This knowledge is there for us to accept. However the interpretations of it have caused a disorientation of life since the awakening of our form consciousness. We have been misinterpreting the “isness” of life. It is often avoided and even denied. This has been happening on a wide scale since the beginning of self-consciousness.

This occurs through the many complexities of our content based presumptions about life. We have made the gift of life more of a burden then a blessing. We have lost ourselves in the complexity of our own creations. We continually feel inadequate. We conceive countless content based reasons by which we remain unfulfilled and generally feel a sense of unworthiness.

Religion, science, and so many other humanly derived content structures demand our attention. Life according to these content structures and beliefs are imposed on us daily. The mind of humankind insists that there is a reason and purpose for everything. The fact is that no living or non-living object has a purpose, except those that are self-imposed. The tree is not there to give us oxygen or shade. It is simply there…engulfed in life; it grows, and eventually returns to the nothingness of everything. Human beings assume and dictate that the tree has a purpose. This assumption process is used to define the entire universe and life according to human beings.

This pattern is clear to see in our religion dominated world. We are raised in a human environment that dictates basically the same generalities worldwide. “We are human beings.” “Human beings have failed according to the wisdom of a God (or Gods).” “This means that human beings must suffer.” “You are a sinner and must earn your salvation.” The worst dictated religious assumption would be: “Humans can reach happiness, but only through accepting that we are not whole.

We can only become whole through God.” Isn’t religion basically saying what we all feel? We feel there is more than just being this human being. The human from in itself can never be truly fulfilled. Any form or object is only temporary. Fulfillment may be possible when we have released our hold on form content and accept that we are also pure consciousness. We don’t need more illusions in the form of Gods or a God to make us accept what we already know.

Best wishes to everyone



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