Life and Love: Experience It All or Not?

We all talk about life; we all want to feel love. The fact that we often; through religion, emotions and ego, believe that love was established solely for our human existence purposes may very well derive from a false interpretations of life. The illusions we have placed on our existence engulf all factors of our experiences; including love. It is not our purpose to live or love. We have now reached a level of consciousness that can demolish the falsely constructed obstacle that arises between our species consciousness and the intelligence of life. We and only we can reestablish our connection to the oneness of life. Another person, a belief, or if you choose to believe, a God, will never be able to unite you (unite as seen from standpoint our human consciousness) with your true essence.

These may serve; at the most, as signposts during our awakening process. I included the above statement in parenthesis because we should remember that we have never been truly separated from life oneness. The so-called separation exists only in the human mind. Human beings assume much. We assume that because we exist there must be a purpose for us. The content structures of love which we have established are also filled with assumptions. Science and religion have been in conflict for millenniums concerning love and its origin. Most individuals that adhere to a given faith believe that love was created by a God. God is considered the source and essence of love.

For the sake of this discussion let us say that there is one life source. Everyone, including science and religion wants to find, prove and verify the origin of life. We can conclude that everyone knows that there is “life”; otherwise everyone would not wish to prove its presence. This knowledge allows us to establish a common ground. There is “life”. The means by which we humans wish to prove the existence of life is greatly varied depending on countless human content factors. The content structures of science and religion are two very good examples. Both know that there is something called life; each agrees that it is the source of everything.

There is equally a demanding need in science and religion to explain what life is and why it is there. This generally results in humankind interpreting life and love as something separate from its own essence. Christian Scripture claims that anyone who can not love will not know God. This implies that God and love are interchangeable; one and the same, according to these Scriptures. This is how it is written in 1 John 4:8 “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” How do you feel about this statement? Is it even possible for a human being “not to love”?

Science and religion are determined to find the origin of life or if you chose to belief, a God. This has been attempted for thousands and thousands of years. There has been no true origin validation considering life or a God.

How could we incorporate the aspects of science and religion into the universality of life? Is God simply one of the methods we use to symbolize the origin of life? Hence to say that God is love would really mean life is love. Life manifests through our form; through all objects and life-forms. This would change the equation slightly from God > life = love, to Humankind + life = love. God being greater than life is meant to reflect our species interpretation of a God being above everything.

Life, Love and God

This may be an acceptable understanding of life essence for a pre-modern human that existed fifty-thousand years ago. However many human beings continue to insist that we could not “be” nor love without a God. I wish to clearly state that I am not writing this because I am for or against the concepts of a God or Gods. That is not what our discussion is about. Everyone will have his or her own understanding of God. Whether you have God(s) in your existence or not is solely your choice; as well as if you chose to believe in a God or Gods.

I am somewhat intrigued by the use of God and love in the different faiths. It would seem that each have a different definition of God and of love. Religious teachings use mental influences / conditioning that perhaps began in prehistoric humankind. These teachings and or assumptions are often useful in manipulate their followers. Each religion teaches that they know and share the word of the one true and only God.

How can so many supposedly different religious faiths claim to have anything; much the less the one true God. These very same religions often reflect this same inconsistency when considering love. There seems to never just be love found within the defined structures of religions or humankind in general. There are however countless interpretations of love. This is the mind interpreted universe of humankind. It is filled with interpretations but often no real life or love experiences.

The two video selections are form Alan Watts and Jiddu Krishnamurti. There is much to be discovered within the words of both men.

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