Life Awareness; why don’t we give it a try?

More awareness to life unity allows our consciousness to thrive. Allowing our human consciousness to guide our interactions with life is the same as saying that we become increasingly aware of awareness (consciousness) and thus the totality of consciousness. Consciousness can then work hand in hand with our mind instead of the mind always dominating our existence.

The mind, with all our human form characteristics can and will relearn and gradually trust this field of universal intelligence. The mind is conditioned to misinterpret or even worse, try to manipulate consciousness. The evolved human species has never really overcome the shock it received upon the first awakening to self-awareness.

This is perhaps why we fell back into a state of deep sleep (consciously speaking) rather quickly after our sense of consciousness reached a given level. We might say that it peaked. It may have been too much for our intelligence at that stage of development. This may also be why we feel a change is occurring. Deep down we desire this change, but in the same instant we fear it.

Life: An Active State of Awareness

The transition back to a state of awareness to life and living consciously may seem long and troublesome. It is, however, not difficult; on the contrary it is quite simple. Awareness and consciousness are one and the same. That is why the sentence: “We become aware of awareness.” sounds so odd.

The importance lies in realizing that we already exist in a field of pure consciousness (consciousness actually has us within it), we need only reawaken. More awareness of life is the only necessary key to open and enter the source of pure consciousness.

Then the personal and collective mind will once again be within consciousness and we will no longer feel separated from it. We will be aware that “living without the importance of content” is the most natural dimension in which to exist. Life consists of more than the content of our existence.

Best wishes to everyone




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