Life Beyond Time and Space

The gift of life is a blessing. Now is the time to actively become aware of this precious endowment.

Time seems to be the puppet master and we are the puppets. Life, the greatest mystery, has no need for time; for it is always now. I often receive messages and emails asking where I have been and why I am not “online” that often in social media platforms.


Existential Clarity can be discovered in the realization that ultimately there is a matrix of life and we are always online. This is regardless of the object form that manifests the frequencies of life and consciousness. Time will not enrich your life experience because it is happening now. Presence is beyond time and space.

Naturally, there are personal preferences, wishes and curiosities that apply to everyone. This establishes our status as an individual. Nevertheless, the details of our daily activities; whether assumptions, beliefs or judgments are only superficialities of the mind. However, we should always focus on what is outside this existence, further than time and beyond individuality.

Life Is Unity and It is Now

We are unity in each ever-lasting micro-second. We are breathing the same breath. Your heart pumping is beating to the same rhythm as mine. Moreover, the earth is sharing in this experience each moment. You are never alone, even during what seems to be darkness, depression or fear. These are only mind games and how you focus on presence will decide how you experience it.

However, this actually involves focusing on the void of presence and not on the details within it. There is a difference. The evolution of consciousness, or lack of it, depends on your state of awareness. The objects, thoughts and emotions of any given moment are temporary. Presence, however, is a constant and this is where life flourishes. Time really has no worthy meaning to the unfolding of life. Furthermore, consciousness is not dependent on it; nor should you have such dependencies.

Your independence as a divine being will thrive as you free the true self from the swamp of mind redundancy and conditioning. There is a bubbling fresh mountain stream that sparkles with life energy. You drink from this water each day. However, we must become aware of this sip now. You will realize that life is flowing through you. Suddenly and very naturally you once again become it.

Re-examine all that you have been told… dismiss that which insults your soul.
– Walt Whitman

Best wishes



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