Life Energy Flow

We are mostly unaware of the life energy flow. We are however swimming in the vastness of life (universal) energy in this very moment. We willingly overlook it. We separate ourselves from it through countless human content form derived definitions, beliefs and assumptions.


We have all experienced a situation that is assumed to be simply a coincident. You may know a person that you have not spoke with in years. Suddenly, out of the blue you have this person in your thoughts and feelings. A few minutes, an hour or a day later this very person calls you or suddenly appears in front of you.

Is this a coincidence? Most people say “yes” but could there be more to it then what we have been conditioned to accept as real?

I continuously have such wonderful “life conscious” awaken experiences, we all do? Sadly we usually dismiss these events as nothing significant. The human species has been manipulated and conditioned to behave this way. We are so overwhelmed by the trials and tribulations of human content that we ignore most of what life energy could give us.
Please just stop considering or thinking for this one moment. What do you experience in that moment? It is not the screen you are viewing or the words you are reading. These are only content structures of our species form existence. The common denominator for everything is “life energy”. It is the core of everything. We are always busy filling up our existence in this life energy with insignificant content structures.

Please try a little experiment. Feel don’t “think” what your human form presence would be if all of the content that is associated with “being human” was taken away. It is very important to be aware or feel it. “Thinking” about it will only add more content to your assumed existence as a human. This content will simply take on a defined structure of “not thinking” but feeling what we are writing about. We must let go and accept the truth behind what is felt in order for us to experience the essence of life energy.

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