Life = Happiness: Who Told You that Life is about Happiness?

Happiness seems to be what all human beings are striving for in our existence. It doesn’t matter how you turn it; we wish to be happy. Not only do we wish it, we expect it and we even demand it. But who or what actually determines happiness? Do we expect a God to make us happy? Is the universe responsible for granting our wish to be happy? Or are we convinced that life itself should give it to us?


We may be barking up the wrong tree(s). It is obvious who or what expects something or someone to “make” us happy. It is us; each and every human being. The one and only determining factor in experiencing happiness is yourself. Breaking down “yourself” we could say that being happy is about realizing that you; and only you, are responsible for radiating happiness within the dimension of “self”. This dimension is comprised of both; what we could define as human form being and universal self. These are one and the same.


You say, I say and we generally all say that life is about happiness. How can that be? Yes…it is true that we wish for happiness, we expect it. Unfortunately our mind thought and emotional state reveal what we really “will” get. It is the relentless mind / thought processes and or continual emotional response patterns that cause interference in what will actually manifest. What flows back to us though the universal life consciousness  frequency is what we have giving it. This is often resentment, dissatisfaction and a lack of true fulfillment.

Happiness Beyond the Mind

We want to be happy but in the same moment we are upset about the “terrible” weather or we complain about the overbearing boss. We curse the Gods over the car that is broke down. And yet we “expect” happiness to come booming out of the heavens to “make” everything happy.

Let us consider the few examples above. What mind (thought) and emotional energy is actually being released into space consciousness? This energy emulates basically from a mind / emotional / consciousness state of being. The source of this energy is not unified. The unified oneness is always there but our mind tells us that there is no unity and there can be no unity. We could say that this lack of unity nurtures a counter-productive relationship between human mind / consciousness and life totality (oneness).

The energy impulses radiating from each life-form always determine the state of universal happiness. Therefore, if possible, we should look beyond our existence experience details in our demand to find happiness. Then we would witness “isness” from a plane of unified totality and realize that we are the creators of happiness and not just the recipients of it. We must first reestablish happiness to our self if we truly wish for the universe to radiate happiness.

Best wishes


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