Life is not a Goal to Reach: It is an Experience to be Shared

There is something that we should not forget. Life is life. It sets no real merits, guidelines or predetermined plans for us as human beings. The universal intelligence has no divine plan for any form in which life manifests itself. Life most certainly does not have the desire for us to follow a certain pathway. There are no predetermined stepping-stones for us on this make-believe human path.


We are not offered any certainties simply because we are humans. There are no certainties offered to any life-form. We have somehow convinced ourselves that there is a purpose for each of us. This is quite naive. The truth would be that life does not have a purpose for you or me on a human level. However all objects have a purpose; universally speaking. This would be that consciousness can experience itself through all forms. The search for a purpose exists only on the level of human behavior. We have been taught and convinced that having a purpose is an essential part of being human.

I feel that having different goals and ideas guiding our existence is normal. We are, after all, human beings. We just need to be more aware that these human purposes truly only represent a practical aspect of our experiences. Life has no such intentions; it simply is. The one thing we may wish to consider is to live with the flow of conscious energy and not against it. This does not necessarily mean choosing different things in our human experiences that you “believe” are part of your journey as a person. Many times “not” choosing and simply allowing is the best choice.

We may and should still do and choose different things in our human activities. However it is spiritually beneficial to understand that, if we can accept what is happening at any moment, we will experience more harmony within ourselves as a human being. We can become aware, accept, and, only if truly needed, take action to change a situation that doesn’t conform to our wishes.

Life does not make any deals with the forms in which it manifests itself. It makes no promises that everything will be carefree. It is absolute consciousness. All living things are part of this consciousness. Human beings are also part of this consciousness, which means that we are life. We are not only the human consciousness but also absolute consciousness.  We are no longer truly aware of this fact.

It is a snowball effect that started long ago and has not stopped. The ego has always been in the background, compelling humans to stay on a path that is limited mostly to our humanly, ego-constructed existence. A change can slowly be felt on this plane of human existence, but as a species it would seem that we are mostly still deaf to the universal voice of life.

Life is not just a Word

This change is a spiritual movement that would permit more and more people to enter awareness. The word “spiritual” should not be misinterpreted. I do not wish to use the term “spirituality” to indicate that this is needed to reach enlightenment.  It infers to the need to step over the shadows of misconception. We must develop a newer, more aware, human consciousness. Spirituality is a word such as religion, God or Buddha. The word has no real significance, other than to define something. What we are defining with these words is a release of our human-form patterns and conditioning. We are speaking of simply “letting go”.

I am not speaking of turning our energy toward a religion or a “belief” to find what we think that we have lost. This is exactly what we should not do. We must go far beyond “believing something” or even “thinking something”. The truth should be experienced; unconditionally. This is something that humankind has not yet completely achieved. It would be beneficial for our human existence to become aware of the fact that we already have everything. We are complete.


Best wishes

P.S. The video clip from Alan Watts offers a portal into universal consciousness; each word from Alan Watts opens this gateway.

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