Life, Life-Forms, Love and Consciousness…on and on it goes

What do life-forms contribute to the universe? The significance of this conversation is to be found in the pattern of development. There was nothing. This nothingness however held the potential for everything. Then there was life. There was / is no good or bad nor right or wrong to be found in the essence of the universe. Life in its origin state has neither love nor was it loveless. It just was / is. This was followed by the life forms. May we say that life and universal consciousness contains what we have added to it over eons?

This may be the result of energy transfer and manifestation? Love binds with life through the level of consciousness found in any given form. Human beings have imposed love into life as a major component. We have done this simply because we can. It is also not because we were chosen to do this by a Deity or any other force or being. We are not superior nor are we inferior to any form in life. We have perhaps one significant element that surpasses any other known form or being. Evolution has given humankind an acuity advanced state of consciousness. Do other forms of life contribute to the flow of love in the universe? Of course, how could it be any other way? Again it is not necessarily the form that determines anything. What would be one of the determining factors?

We could say that it is the level of consciousness to be found in any given form. It would be difficult to make an accurate estimation of consciousness influence in other life-forms. We can not truly determine the state of consciousness; hence the ability to feel life and love, in other living or non-living objects. Attempting this would generally mean doing it by using methods, beliefs, assumptions and facts that have been established by our species. I do however feel that there are two universal absolutes that provide the opportunity to feel and have true empathy with everything in the universal.

Let us take a short look at the word “empathy”. This may be very strongly associated with our understanding of love. The internet Merriam-Webster defines Empathy as:

Empathy – noun
1: the imaginative projection of a subjective state into an object so that the object appears to be infused with it
2: the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner; also : the capacity for this

Humankind may have established the word empathy in an attempt to express the desire for life unity. Is the first definition a weak attempt at describing the inner longing that we; perhaps all forms, regarding oneness? It is a given species evolutionary development that may perhaps ignite a change in the very essence of life. This is equally true in reference to the union with pure love. This may be almost impossible to know absolutely. A species tendency to assume, interpret and believe greatly restricts the portal to absolute love as well as inhibiting the reunion with life from within its dimension of “being”. We assume love is universal. There appears to be a truth to this statement. The truth should however be viewed from the correct perspective.

Love = life is not actually a truth. Form based consciousness plus form based love contributes to the expansion of life would perhaps be a more accurate consideration. Life is loveless. The life-forms occupying the universe are the original creators of love. Universal intelligence; none the less, universal consciousness has become the conductor of love. It is a partnership… one that should be respected not abused.

The universe with its content forms experiences “being”. This occurs in these “forms” through the manifestation of life. Scientists proclaim that any type of life as we know it didn’t begin until the universe was seventeen million years old. A universe without life would have naturally restricted the initiation and establishment of conscious “life forms”. There could also normally be no love frequency in the universe without these conscious life forms. The necessity for love to be established in life was and is solely due to the level of consciousness in a given life form. A higher level of consciousness signifies a stronger love vibration that ripples through the fabric of life such as a small stone that has been tossed into a pond.

Is there love present in life without a conscious life-form to affirm its reality? This is a question that I don’t feel we will every answer. It is similar to the age old whimsical question: “What came first; the chicken or the egg?” There is another equally difficult question that we could ask. Science states that life has evolved in many forms since it first appeared. Does this indicate that in order for a form to “be” there must first be life? You can not avoid the factual essence of this problem; whether this is viewed from a spiritual or science perspective. This is however perhaps a question that should be debated by life origin theorist.

I feel that it would be more conclusive to concentrate on love in relationship to life. It may be debatable which of these two came first. I wish to remain true to my feelings. I feel that life essence originally did not have an element of love. Love was injected into life through the various patterns of all species evolution. Here we are also referring to the state of consciousness development that occurs during the evolution of any given species. Love is an interpretation of life.

It has been established through the expansion of life-forms. Human being express love; among other things, in an attempt to express the unity we feel with all content aspects of our existence. More importantly we established the perimeters of love in a grand gesture attempt to explain the unquenchable need to find the way back to oneness…to the dimension that may very well be all that we are.

Life-forms, Life and Love

These attempts are continually but often wrongly validated through our human definitions, interpretations and gestures. We are relentlessly prompted by our conditioned emotions and mannerisms to repeatedly define what which can not truly be defined. The more we attempt to justify the inert knowledge of love / life through superficialities, the greater becomes our separation from it. This is to be seen in the history of our species. Love in the pure state of universality is equally one. Love however; as we interpret it, expressed through written words, song and dance, behavior and countless other content forms also tend to confuse and separate. This is exactly the opposite of what we truly desire.

Love/life is very simplistic and pure. Life needs no validation through human assumptions or beliefs. Love can equally only be truly fulfilling when it is felt in its purity; without conceptual definition or restriction. The two video links included are very informative. Jidda Krishnamurti and Robert Lanza provide ideas and insights into consciousness, love and the universe.

Best wishes to everyone


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