Matrix of Life: Your wish; Your Design

Many people have enjoyed watching the Matrix trilogy. The Matrix films portrait a world of illusions that was induced through a type of mental hypnosis. The theme of these films suggested that computers are controlling our existence. Let’s step back from the ideas that were suggested in the movies. There is a matrix of life. This is one way that we can term the experience of life but it is important to realize that it cannot truly be experienced through any word. Conscious energy is synonymous with life. Life manifest through and around all objects.

It connects everything. Not everyone remembers the frequency of conscious life energy and many others are not willing to tune into it. You are designing and intensifying this matrix in each second of your existence. This is true for all objects that manifest this energy. Whether you do this in a hypnotic or fully conscious state is your choice. Realizing that you have a choice is a key step in recognizing that you are the co-creator of how this marvelous network will unfold in your existence experiences.

I witnessed something two days ago that once again verified the significance of our partnership with universal life consciousness. I receive many emails from people in response to my books and what I write and share. There are also many notifications that I get from Twitter and Facebook. There was a period a few months ago when I was overwhelmed by the number of notifications sent via email.

I released localized mental conscious energy (conscious thoughts) stating that although I enjoy the emails and notifications, I do not like the constant bombardment of emails. Therefore I have developed a new approach to reading and answering emails since then. I did however continue to experience indications that this wish (no emails) was still an active part of my conscious interaction with my daily activities. Then I experienced the results of my contribution to the matrix energy of life.

This happened two days ago; as I had mentioned above. Suddenly I stopped receiving emails on my computer. I went down the checklist of possible problems that may have caused this to happen. Then I then spoke with the domain and email provider about possible technical problems; everything checked out. The man I spoke with offered a few ideas for me to try.

I made a few changes but still have not found the actually problem that is stopping the emails from being sent to my computer. This caused me to literally do as Buddha suggested “I raised my head to the sky and laughed out loud”. I have been given my wish through the manifestation of universal consciousness in cooperation with the localized energy that I released. I got what I had imagined but not “how” I had imagined it.

Matrix of Life Creation

Be careful what you think because you will probably get it, whether you want it or not. This is true for conscious or unconscious mental energy. The only difference being that an unconscious person will not know or understand what is happening or why it has happened. An aware or awakened person will be able to put the puzzle pieces of daily existence together much easier. This recognition will also allow a change in how events and people will manifest in your experiences.

You truly have this much influence on universal life energy. You are creating your own matrix of life. This is spiritually fulfilling. You will begin to realize your true potential and acknowledge the true self.


Best wishes to everyone





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