Life Unity

Unity is simply how we describe oneness. There is a flow of life unity in the background of our daily activities. It however seems so much easier to follow the conditioned emotional and behavioral patterns that are constantly restricting true conscious growth. Thereby our intelligence is manipulated into developmental patterns based on conformity.

It may first appear that I am making a radical statement which is not based on any tangible evidence. I feel that there is no need to have any “tangible” evidence. We only need to step out of the mainstream of humankind’s daily activities. Then it would be possible to feel what is real and what is not real. What I am suggesting does not mean that we should just forget our human existence; nor the content of this self-made reality.

Our difficulty in existing within the dimension of life on a one to one basis with it lies not in being aware of it. This happens to us constantly. We feel true life essence constantly. The problem is that we don’t know what to do with what we feel. We somehow know that this feeling is real. Human species form intelligence and form consciousness development constantly clutters the access portal to this life dimension with content rubbish.

This human content litter is often too overwhelming. We feel engulfed within life oneness; but are quickly torn away from it due to the clutter of our mental and physical activities. It is primarily our mental complexity that is responsible for the diversion. We become lost in the diversity of our thoughts. The intensity of our thought fixation is based on our inability to become aware of what is happening. It is a real catch 22 situation; at least until we have learned to deprogram ourselves from the web of content and belief structures that comprise our existence.

This does not mean that these content structures will longer be there. This is unavoidable in our human existence. What will change is our dependence on these structures. Namely any type of dependency will disappear from our daily activities. We would still exist and even appreciate our human-constructed content. But we would then focus our form consciousness energy immersion from a basis of life unity.

Life unity is something that we all share.

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