Limitations in our Existence!

Who is responsible for the limitations within our existence? You may answer this question by saying that society or other people are responsible for the restrictions placed on each of us every day. There may be some of you who will also say that each person is responsible for his or her existence limitations. How should we approach this question? We could discuss and debate for hours on whom or what we are inclined to believe is making our existence so restrictive and difficult.


How would it be if we do not even try to place responsibility on ourselves, anyone else or anything? What would happen if we did not perceive the universe only from the human mind? What would happen if we could adjust our human consciousness frequency? It may be surprising to feel the space and possibilities that are freely available. This will happen once we learn to existence from within the life vibration frequency.

It will spontaneously permit human consciousness to be absorbed by life consciousness. This consciousness is actually life consciousness which has been confined / restricted through the awakening of our species consciousness. Therefore knowing the true essence of our consciousness will promote more life awareness and less existence limitation restrictions.

Limitations be Gone!

We will continually feel that “letting go” does not mean a depreciation of anything established within our existence evolution. It will however become clearer that letting go of the very limitations that we have structured will promote expansion and gain. This expansion will occur in such a way as to induce a balance between our human consciousness and universal consciousness. Many, perhaps eventually, all existence limitations will fade into the background of our existence. Many of these may disappear completely to be replaced with knowledge of life unity. This unity does not insist on limitations.

Life oneness neither expects nor demands anything from us. It blossoms in our existence when we become more aware and accept the actuality of life and continually release our hold on existence limitations and beliefs. This beauty of life is always there. Therefore the key to it is through awareness and acceptance of what is in each moment.

Best wishes and life fulfillment to all


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